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    Would you eat dinosaur?

    And I assume that dinosaur taint would taste no better.
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    2019 PGA Championship, Bethpage Black, Farmingdale NY 5/16-5/19

    I think the big winner was the crowd. They're just warming up for the Ryder Cup in '24. It's going to be the term that will have replaced "sch!t show" 5 years from now.
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    Why is Kyrgios mad?

    Generalizing. Throwing rubbish. Whatever...
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    2019 Madrid ATP SF: RAFA [2] vs Tsitsipas [8]

    Wuh?? Of course the computerized coin flip is lame. And so is comparing it to an online forum.
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    Thiem vs Medvedev 2019 barcelona final

    Match over by page 3 of this thread. There are at least 3 pages of pre-match lead up for a typical Fedalovic match. Is tennis in trouble?
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    Ask a Question or "Axe" One?

    Just let everyone live their truth and leave it at that.
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    Everything you need to know about the first black hole image

    No, this is the actual skull x-ray of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
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    IN N OUT Burger, why are you so awesome?

    Big fan of their necroburger, I see.
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    R.I.P. Kaiser Karl

    Clicked on this thread because I thought a TT member had died.
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    My dad has dementia and getting worse

    This case doesn't appear to jeopardize the OP's mother, the way I'm reading it, but she should cross her "t's" and dot her "i's" before splitting.
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    My dad has dementia and getting worse

    He sounds like an older version of me. Seriously, your mom should split. Things are likely to only get worse and if your father indeed has dementia it will definitely get worse. You can still offer him what help you can, but it sounds like your mother has no loving bond to your father and her...
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    My dad has dementia and getting worse

    When and by whom was he diagnosed?
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    Pork meat - yes or no?

    Dig on that pig? Put some swines on those tines? Some pork on that fork? Hell, yes! Who's makin' the bacon? :p
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    Patrick Mouratoglou

    Poindexter McGoo, you are hopelessly out of style. 8-B