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    Life after Srsh Thread

    Seen it? I've spent years trying to emulate it.
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    Life after Srsh Thread

    That's so sad. Not the part about the cat.
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    Life after Srsh Thread

    That's an excellent question. So, what happened?
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    Floodings Germeny France Belgium

    Is that Snake Plissken?
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    Life after Srsh Thread

    I haven't been around here in ages. What happened to the thread.... ...with the pictures of the WTA players?
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    Pictures of your watches

    I never cared much for quartz watches and the battery change hassle. Then I bought a Citizen BN0150 eco-drive, and it has been sort of a revelation. Now I'll probably buy one of the square Seiko dress solars. "I'll wait 15 minutes for anybody - but I'll wait 16 minutes for no one." Wear a...
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    Pictures of your watches

    Was not expecting to see and Islander on Talk Tennis. I hear good things about it and it seems to be the heir apparent for the Cult of SKX. I've dipped my toe in the microbrand end of the pool once and I would do it again despite being underwhelmed the first time around - I bought a Lorier...
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    3D printed steaks

    And they say 2020 has been a bad year. Pfft...
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    Djokovic disqualified from the US Open for hitting a lines woman in the throat.

    We're only half way through the tournament. Novak: OMG, I just hit a line judge in the throat with a tennis ball. Serena: Hold my daughter...
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    Let's pray for the line judge to make a full recovery

    I wonder if that's the same line judge I had irrational hots for, about a decade ago? Short hair, blonde, chesty... If so, the last 10 years have taken a toll.
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    Ask The Hitman

    Not good. What happened to Hitman? Great insights into both tennis and physical fitness.
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    Anyone seen the Joker ???

    I love those, everybody in the theater cheers, moments.