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    Spadea's rap for Venus

    at least he has good taste in tennis racquets
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    Federer @ 52??

    didn't sampras play with 17g?
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    Soul Suckin' Jerk

    plenty of good tex-mex places in texas, obviously, duck seems like a pretty interesting choice actually
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    Poll on gut

    hopefully bow will return to their normal quality
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    new member spoofing a real person

    ah i got a good laugh out of this
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    Wilson Titanium Balls any Good?

    i have recently noticed that the tennis balls my wal-mart has are normally dead out of the can or just not nearly as playable as they should be
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    Ipod Advice

    as the owner of multiple ipods i can say that they really don't have a clear advantage in terms of playing mp3s. it's really a combination of their design, streamlined controls, the status quo that comes with them, and the number of accessories available for them that makes them popular. i read...
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    yeah all those cheicals aren't very good for the skin are they
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    Why Federer will not win USO 2005!

    i don't think i've ever seen federer bully around any officials, well he did talk to them during wimbeldon 04 and rolland garros 05 about it being too dark
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    Hey Noelle

    sounds like a nice place to visit
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    Do You String for Yourself?

    just like a master jedi constructs his own lightsaber a master tennis player strings his own racquet :]
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    Federer withdraws from Montreal

    i wish i could send him a get well card
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    Playing tennis at night?

    i don't mind playing during the day as long as the sun doesn't get into my eyes, but i find that i feel more comfortable playing at night
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    Don't understand why balls at wal mart are cheaper than online

    most balls i get from wal-mart are already dead in the can, i think it's because they spend so long on the shelf