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    Do you have extra bumper and grommets for your frames?

    I have about 15 Kblade 98 replacement grommets (for my blades) about 6 TK238 CAPs A bunch of MG Radical 18x20 that fit on any Head 95 sq in 18x20
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    New Head Racquet

    Oooo, I can’t wait for this since I had a chance to hit with VS, then took a week off to recover (and he barely sweat...) Lol
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    Well, the tour can say goodbye to this year's RG

    Don’t think this was the best representation of what’s to come if they meet again in the RG final... Rafa looked great, Novak looked 40%
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    New Asics Court FF 2

    Agreed. I have both (and woman's current version) and love them all.
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    Roman Prokes Under Review Podcast Interview

    Again, I must disagree. We all knew for a loooong time that Rafa, Verdasco, Goffin and others fall below those numbers. Their specs have been posted for years.
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    Roman Prokes Under Review Podcast Interview

    Even balanced 325-330g Radical has the SW of 340. That is not “light” and in line with Thiem, Rafa, etc. only some pros have SW greater than 360. And only a few here claim that 370 is necessary...
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    Why people underestimate Federer's chances at RG so much?

    Federer should never be written off, however, he got gassed after one match practice and one 2-hour, three setter... Lame excuse after the Coric "stolen" win... (reminds me of that WTF after stretching himself against Wawrinka, then some BS excuse in the final against Novak) I would be very...
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    Your favourite socks

    Absolutely love Uniqlo tennis socks. Sucks that they are so hard to find...
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    Fed FO 2019 Outfit is out!

    That picture has NOTHING to do with #81 (live taken in the store) But ok...homi
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    Fed FO 2019 Outfit is out!

    #81 post has nothing with BROWN or colors you pulled up above Closest is to that Grey in the corner
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    Fed FO 2019 Outfit is out!

    You better borrow your grandpa's glasses because there is no brown there
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    Fed FO 2019 Outfit is out!

    I actually like Federer's outfit a lot. But I am old.
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    New Asics Court FF 2

    I believe the AO event was way before the FF2 North America release date, therefore, they could not sell them outside AU. By the time the release date was reached (May 1), they felt like the blue model was "old". I actually love the orange ones, do not care for the black ones. I do like the...
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    Who has the best shot to beat Djokovic at Roland Garros?

    Djokovic. No one else is a factor
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    New Asics Court FF 2

    definitely worth the $$. Beautiful shoes!