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    Interesting to watch the full match

    Wow, thank you for this!
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    Djokovic News

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    Djokovic News

    Novak Djokovic Interview in 2050
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    Novak's dog and pony show

    The best player in the history of tennis loves you, too ;)
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    2021 Wimbledon QF: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Marton Fucsovics

    Marton clearly didn't inspire Novak to shift even into second gear...
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    Ezone AI 98 grommet and buttcap questions

    I understand that some people had bad experiences with these rubbery throat grommets, but I have to stress that it's not my experience at all. Actually, whenever I had to replace grommets in my sticks, throat grommets were in great condition, without any significant sign of wear (you could tell...
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    Dampeners Decrease Power
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    Carpal Tunnell

    Yes, my friend had a nasty case of CT caused by computer mouse (she's a financial accountant - not playing tennis at all).
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    Closest string to Luxilon M2 Pro?

    Luxilon Element...
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    2020 Vienna Open (Nole Calling) - General Discussion

    Of course it is true... It’s a headline in Serbia and Montenegro.
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    2020 Vienna Open (Nole Calling) - General Discussion

    Today was a very sad day for all orthodox Serbs. Archbishop of Montenegro passed away after complications from COVID-19 and he was a very close friend with Novak and his spirutual counselor. I believe that Novak was emotionally devastated, and he played this match simply for respect to his oponent.
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    Pro's pro v???

    Well, the way he "uses" diablo certainly puts stress on the gripping jaws mechanism, but I don't think it negatively affects the quality of the stringing job, I believe.
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    Pro's pro v???

    I have no experience with Pro's Pro stringing tools (i.e. starting clamp), but their tacky overgrip is actually not that bad at all. The real question is why do you stretch an overgrip when applying it? That's the recipe for ruining both its moisture absorbing properties and tackiness. Next...
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    Pro's pro v???

    Yes, and I'm very happy with it.