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    Help with the pros pro mt 400 machine

    @esm These are the dimensions:
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    Help with the pros pro mt 400 machine

    A friend of mine imported it for me from Pro's Pro headquarters in Austria, together with an original Pro's Pro stand (although the machine can be used as table-top). The height of the stand is adjustable (height adjustment knob), but I didn't change the default factory height, as it suits me...
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    Help with the pros pro mt 400 machine

    Yes, the full model name is TOMCAT MT-400. It’s advertised as Pro’s Pro top of the line, “heavy duty” model, but I would certainly not dare to put it in the same league with models from Yonex, Wilson, Babolat, Tecnifibre etc. A friend of mine who is a very reputable stringer (he strings for...
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    Help with the pros pro mt 400 machine

    I have the very same machine, it is a very good quality product, and particularly its new linear pull tension head (top of the line model from Pro’s Pro). I am also new to stringing, only strung about 12-15 racquets so far, but really never had any issues and actually fail to understand what...
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    Fed vs Djoko but the crowd is pro Djokovic

    Well, the crowd decided... ;)
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    Ezone AI 98 grommet and buttcap questions

    This is an entirely inaccurate statement. Grommet sets for DR 98 and Ai 98 are fully interchangeable. I shared my experience with replacing worn-out grommets on Ai 98 with replacement grommet set for DR 98. Please see [this thread], and I am not the only forum member who did the same.
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    Ezone AI 98 grommet and buttcap questions

    After carefully inspecting both throat pieces, it looks like Ezone 98 (2020) has a tad different spacing between the first/last two throat grommet holes. I am not very optimistic about fitting into Ai, but if you can borrow/purchase a replacement set, try to (gently) fit it into the Ai throat...
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    Why are Yonex racquets priced so high?

    I have chips on several Ezone DR 98 racquets. The surface layer comes off even upon a moderately hard impact/hit. Also, the lime/green paint job is much more sensitive than the blue paint job, in my experience, so it looks like Yonex improved the paint quality later in the production. Frankly...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Solinco Confidential 1.25

    No, it’s regular Hyper G.
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    Babolat tool kit?

    I am a happy owner of a Babolat tool kit (with the case), purchased last year from a UK depot of tennis racquets and other tennis equipment. Well, I am a total "greenhorn" when it comes to tennis stringing, but I didn't have much choice what to buy - here in Serbia, I could practically choose...
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    Basic Logic 101: Why people who claim this is a very weak era are wrong.

    The greatest players this game has ever seen had to fight against each other for every trophy in the last 10-12 years. Only refugees from logic can claim this is a “weak era”. It is one of the strongest eras in the entire history of tennis game, if not THE strongest era ever.
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    Djokovic has the best Dropper of all time o_O

    My view as a Djokovic fan - he has a wicked, very effective dropshot from backhand side in his arsenal, but he rarely uses forehand dropshot. There are players who utilize dropshot practically as their main weapon. Dustin Brown is one example...
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    Prettiest serve motion?

    JMac?! You’ve got to be kidding... ;)
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Solinco Confidential 1.25

    It looks like they dub every new string "Confidential" during closed-group testing period. Hyper-G was also a "confidential" before official release...
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    Rafael Nadal: "I don’t want Novak Djokovic to win more Grand Slams than me"

    Or assuming that your assumption is wrong and that Novak wins this Roland Garros, by mid-June the gap between Rafa and Djokovic will be 1 slam ;)