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    the weirdest(unintentional or not) shots you've hit

    LOL, i unintentionally framed a shot and it went flying to the streets and hit a blue camry in motion. =]
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    Oh, i didn't intend to be so negative about school, but just not looking forward to exams and such, but we all have to take care of responsibilities. I hope all of you have a great time at school because your hs and college years are the best. You'll meet amazing people and have the funnest and...
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    WOOO COLLEGE!!! Yea, LA is huge. Traffic is bad here too.
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    Yea i know, i'm actually excited wooooo.
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    Lol, Senior year is the best. I don't remember much academic strains.
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    What's so bad about UCLA?
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    I don't wnat to deal with traffic. Commuting defeats the college experience.
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    Suxs. Anyway, I just moved into my dorm at ucla, have you guys started packing or moving yet? Long live federer...
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    Does no one here get bored of tennis?

    I have withdrawal after straying from tennis because of tennis elbow or lack of time.
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    I Will Shave My Head If Roger Federer Wins Usopen08

    lol. federer prevails.
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    Lol Ucla

    Wooo go bruins!!!
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    Helping 10 Year Old Emotions When Down?

    Remember to have fun Remember its just a game Practice Practice Relax its just a game kid Easier said than done, this being a non contact sport makes it so hard to control your emotions.
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    Wisdom teeth

    The pain killers were so good, i played tennis an hour later after surgery. I was one of the lucky ones that didn't swell up
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    Wisdom teeth

    <3 porridge and soup
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    Jobs for a 14 year old?

    Sell lemonade