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    Which top 10 players do not take fake MTO and toilet breaks?

    I think Tsitsipas has to go to the proctologist. Something is wrong with him! :sick:
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    How much..........

    Aghh! What is that? :sick:
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    Screaming banned?

    Even Federer has grunted a few times. Regarding women, Serena Williams has been the specialist in intimidating her opponents with her screams and gestures.
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    Who will beat Djokovic? Zverev or med?

    Nein nein und nein!
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    Does Djokovic have the most weapons on Tour?

    Djokovic's plan against Nadal is to take time away from him, okay, but I was referring above all to this season where he seeks to achieve the monumental feat in one more week. His controlled aggressiveness makes him an out of series since if he was a little more like to players who seek to win...
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    Why are we pretending that Novak never won 4 in a row?

    One word: pressure! If you win in Australia at the beginning of the year, the dream continues, otherwise, a door closes and you have to start again the following season. There's no margin of error. On the other hand, although in practice, you still have to win four consecutive Majors, you can...
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    Who will beat Djokovic? Zverev or med?

    Joker is like the cat, he doesn't have one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six but seven lives. It is quite annoying to appreciate! :giggle:
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    Who will beat Djokovic? Zverev or med?

    What do you think of Medvedev's potential quarter-final matchup against Schwarztman? Do you think that the Argentine is a good preparation for what 'Meddy' could face (multiplied by ten, of course) in the grand final? :unsure:
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    Tiafoe with Djokovic like post-match celebration!

    He and Joker they should dabble in the Wrestlemania! :-D
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    Does Djokovic have the most weapons on Tour?

    When I think of Djokovic's game one word sounds familiar to me: consistency. He rarely fails, especially for prolonged periods, and that "scares" his rivals on duty who give up before their time or succumb to pressure, going more to the limit as the game progresses and that confuses them by...
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    Nadal :)

    Nadal is the real PointDexter Bullseye! :D
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    Serena withdraws from USO

    I think Venus has been too generous to her younger sister in much of their tennis careers. ;)
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    Now that we've reached the Round of 16 ...

    I think "Sascha" is Zverev's brotherly nickname. ;)
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    Serena withdraws from USO

    I've said it many times before, but her desire to be a mother kept her from surpassing Margaret Court's record. If she was able to reach four GS finals after giving birth, aged over 36 and 37, let's imagine what she could have accomplished if she put off motherhood a little longer.
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    Nadal :)

    Already all this sounds very melancholic since the total debacle in Paris. :(