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    Matches where you've supported somebody else over your favourite?

    I rooted against Federer when he faced Robredo at 2013 USO. No way did I want 2013 (Federer's worst year ever) to be the year he faced Nadal for the first time at the USO.
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    Nadal can still easily surpass/match Federer's Slam count

    But then the question becomes who's the greatest of the three GOATs, and we're right back where we started from.
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    Djokovic is...

    This is why his mom suffers...and his fans.
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    Djokovic-Nadal in 4 straight Slam finals

    Being the only Spanish player of the open era to make a Wimbledon final, Rafa was clearly jittery in the first set, but then played a very competitive match...being the only player to win a set off Federer. The match was also legendary in that it was the first of three consecutive Roland...
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    Djokovic-Nadal in 4 straight Slam finals

    2011 Wimbledon, 2011 USO, and 2012 Roland Garros (which ended with a double-fault on championship point) were high quality?? Okay.
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    what people thought federer on right after 07 AO ?

    Regardless of what people thought right after 2007 Australian Open (I thought Federer would have another 2006-like year), many had changed their minds by the end of the early hard court season.
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    Djokovic-Nadal in 4 straight Slam finals

    We're not talking about a player, but about a rivalry. Fedal's six consecutive years as the top-two players (21 of 24 slams won) is more impressive than Nadalovic's 4 consecutive slam finals (which only had one good match).
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    Djokovic-Nadal in 4 straight Slam finals

    Nadalovic has had one legendary slam final...2012 Australian Open. All of their other slam final meetings were letdowns. Fedal has had two legendary Wimbledon finals (an argument can be made for three), two legendary Australian Open finals, and their 2006 Rome final is the only legendary BO5...
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    2005-2007 Nadal vs 2017-2019 Nadal

    2005 - 2007 Nadal facing 2017 - 2019 competition on 2017 - 2019 courts would win at least 9 slams.
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    Djokovic-Nadal in 4 straight Slam finals

    Perhaps, but I'm more impressed with Federer and Nadal being the year-end top-2 for 6 consecutive years. No other rivalry in tennis history did it.
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    The Weird World Of Men's Tennis: Djokovic's Wimbledon Finales...

    And it's interesting how Federer becomes the still-in-his-prime ageless guy whenever Djokovic gets the better of him in big matches.
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    Nadal 0-14 against Federer/Djokovic outside of clay since 2013US/2014AO

    2018 Roland Garros champion/2019 Roland Garros champion in comparison to 2018 Wimbledon quarterfinalist/2019 Wimbledon finalist.
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    Nadal can still easily surpass/match Federer's Slam count

    LOL. Perhaps I missed it, but I went through this thread and don't see any confident prediction from you that Nadal (who was 4 back from Federer when this thread was made) will surpass Roger (which, last time I looked, he hasn't). If you didn't even have the guts to make such a prediction at the...
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    When this guy is at his 80%, he cleans everyone off the court

    If true, he breaks the world record in missed opportunity...more so considering he faced a lost generation, a yet-to-breakout next generation, a past-prime Federer, and a past-peak Nadal.
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    If Novak and Nadal dominate in 2020, one of them will reach 20

    I'm talking about the last 3 years. Federer and Nadal won the first six slams, and Djokovic and Nadal won the last six slams. That's what separates Rafa: he won a slam each year, and it's why he's three over Nole, and within one of Roger.