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    US Open 2015 Final: Djokovic (1) vs Federer (2)

    If Djokovic had trouble with Feliciano Lopez, imaging how he's going to be with Fed. Fed in 4!
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    For Federer's Twilight Years, Faster Courts Please

    Dear Tournament Managers, Please speed up the courts. It will help your revenue by keep Fed alive in tournaments longer and help his longevity. His army of fans will guarantee that your tix are sold and resold at many times the face value. Dozens of tennis reporters will be perpetually busy. TV...
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    U.S. Open 2015 QF: Roger Federer (SUI) [2] - Richard Gasquet (FRA) [12]

    Easy Federer win against Gasquet. Its a great matchup for Fed to get his rhythm and timing back after that awkward match against Isner.
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    I Stand By Roger: Flight of the Golden Eagle of Victory

    How is this even possible? Going backwards with the ball and hitting behind you with supination of the forearm!!!!!!! F****ng unbelievable
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    2015 Wimbledon Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Roger Federer

    Djokovic can return better than Murray. His serve is also better than Murray's. Regardless, if Federer's form continues, there is nothing anyone can do. Fed wasn't playing well last year and it took 5 sets for Novak to win.
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    A little dissappointed in the media

    The so called media probably had ready-made templates on Rafa winning the 14th slam and tying with Sampras and all that. The odd makers favorite was Nadal. Who could blame the media. Stan never even freaking won a set. Statistically it was impossible, even though Stan was making grounds against...
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    First and last Slam for Stan?

    Why Not? With the monkey off his back, he can win more slams before his career is over. Remember tennis is all about confidence and self belief. He has the skills, and now he has the temperament. Wouldn't be surprised if he wins couple more. He's got an all-court game. Btw, I never missed his...
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    would they have booed fed?

    I don't remember Federer taking a strategic MTO. He would rather lose 0-6. The Aussie crowd is sophisticated. They know.
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    Who is going to wind up with better career- Del Potro or Wawrinka

    JMDP us injury prone. Despite age disadvantage I would go with Stan. With new confidence, he could win couple more slams.
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    Stan's next move

    LOL. Wouldn't that be something?!!!
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    How did Stanimal managed this?

    Simple. Stan hit Nadal out of the court. The way Nadal should be played. Same results by Delpo & Soderling previously playing similar style of tennis in Slams
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    Rain in forecast for Fed vs Nadal...Roof Closed?

    Last chance to beat Nadal Roof closed or open palm sore doesn't matter. If Fed can't get over the mental block that he has with Nadal, nothing is happening. Red line his game and see what happens. I can't imagine how Edberg will help Fed get over Nadal. S&V will not work with Nadal. Despite...
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    Give me Fedal any day!!

    As Federer-Nadal era draws to a close (or is closed), I can't bear watching this kind of tennis for the next 4-5 years. It was the same kinda point over and over and over again. I was sleeping for most of the match. There is no strategy at all, except for retrieve each and every ball till the...
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    [2] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Andy Murray US Open FINAL

    The wind died down and Novak is in the zone. Only chance Andy wins if the wind returns. I feel so sorry for Murray for giving up an early break in the opening of the 3rd set and eventually losing the set.
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    I'm liking US streaming so much better..

    I wish they would repeat this next year and include more courts. Toggling back and forth the different courts is nice. Best of all, no annoying ads to deal with.