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    Baghdatis racist?
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    Federer / Nadal - Atp Ranking and Race Point

    no way guys, i believe nadal will finish #1!
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    fav young gun(atp)

    Nadal, of course
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    federer throwing away no1 by playing only two tournaments?

    its actually pretty simple the entry points basically total the performances of an entire year, including tournaments that have yet to be played this season but were played last season. atp race points on the other hand are the total points gained from tournaments just this season...
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    Why Nadal will be #1 soon

    Maybe two people are using the same account to argue with each other? Or just mental illness.
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    Nadal gives the double middle finger LOL!

    in that roddick match, didnt his opponent double fault match point? but since roddick gave him the point, he ended up losing the match i think
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    Worst #1 Men's Player?

    i think rafter
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    Will Nadal keep his current n°2 ranking untill the end of this year?

    he already has 600+ points in the race, and last year's race, the number 2 player, roddick, had about that much so yes he will finish number 2
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    Roddick -- Lost in the Red Clay Shuffle.

    Hes only a couple points behind in the entry rankings because he did good late in the season last year. But hes 300+ points behind in the race and thats what really matters.
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    Nadal Vs Grosjean Spoiler

    Omgogmogmosmdmkjdsnfkljhdsnfjkhdsf I Cant Belive They Just Canceled Tennis For Billiards. Espn Is The ***est Thing Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Tennis magazine "great shots" has the weekly "play of the week" videos
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    JCF v Marat, pick em

    ferrero, because ill feel bad if he loses early and not so much for safin.
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    Moi Playing

    that caffeine shirt you are wearing is awesome