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    FS: Three HPS 6.1

    Thanks everyone; the rackets are sold.
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    FS: Three HPS 6.1

    No, sorry, shipping is extra, depending on your location. If you have a FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. account, we can arrange for a direct bill. Thanks.
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    FS: Three HPS 6.1

    Whad'ya got?
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    FS: Three HPS 6.1

    For Sale: 3 matched Wilson HPS 6.1 (standard length, 16x18, 95") Grip size: L 4 4 1/2 Excellent condition, all are 8.5 or better. Regripped with Gamma Ultra Cushion Textured and always used with overgrips. Unstrung. Includes full length covers. Haven't been used in over 3 years, time to...
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    polys with good feel

    MSV HEX 1.10mm
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    MSV Hex

    I find it interesting that anyone found this to be a low powered string. I had been playtesting a large number of polys in my X-1s and found that 55 lbs. had been a good starting ground for most of them (SPPP, SPPP Hex, Cyberflash, Poly Polar, Silverstring, Hurricane, Big Hitter, and the whole...
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    Springy String

    First to mind would be PolyPolar. Next maybe Gosen SP.
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    Poly with lots of power that is under $10

    MSV Focus CoPolymo or Focus Hex in one of their thicker iterations will give you a ton of power and stay relatively stiff. It is a copoly so it's not as stiff as the 1st and 2nd gen of polys, but it's definitely worth a try if you want some more juice. Unfortunately TW doesn't carry it so...
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    Great article on Nadal's grass court debut!

    Here's an even better article explaining why Rafa is so predominate on clay. From the only trustworthy major media outlet: Enjoy.
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    WeissCannon users !!!

    Out of respect to TW, I won't be more explicit. Go forth and ask the Google; it knows all.
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    WeissCannon users !!!

    The SPPP is 1.18mm and the WC is 1.20mm. The SPPP is probably more of a comfort string with better pocketing (Cadillac) and the SilverString is a bit crisper with better accuracy (BMW). Both are great strings but I think MSV Hex 1.18 has them beat in overall feel, control, responsiveness, and...
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    Strings for Shoulder Problem

    If you want to try a poly, I'd say the Poly Polar is the softest, most comfortable out there right now. It's not my personal cup of tea, but it might work for you. Good luck.
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    WeissCannon users !!!

    I've tried the SilverString 17g and it's excellent overall; feel, power, tension stability. I've been a SPPP fan for the last few months but this one made me consider changing. I can't really decide which I like better but they are pretty distinct from each other. Definitely put it on your...
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    stringing poly, clamps too tight...

    I think it really depends on a lot of variables, most notably what condition your clamps are in and how big a hitter you are. I string my own sticks with polys of all sorts and I have on more than a few occasions left slight clamp marks on the strings. I've never really had any premature...
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    help on lead tape customization

    Up until recently, I would add lead at 3 & 9 o'clock positions on my X-1s until they would 'solidify'. I just figured 3 & 9 would give me the most 'plow-thru' and lateral stability, and would drag the sweetspot up toward the center, but never really tested that theory too much. A few weeks ago...