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    Blade V7 Tennis Elbow??

    In my case, it was the combination of a technique (shorter follow through on a stroke, too much wrist motion), the choice of string (Hyper G) and low power of Blade which did not give me any extra help. I since switched to Triax and Head 2021 Radical MP. No problems.
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    Head Racquets Quality Control

    I now have two Head Radical 2021 MPs, from two completely different sources and no store matching. Both racquets are right on spec - one exact match and one 1g heavier. So, anecdotally, and from a small sample - the Head Radical MP 2021 quality control is excellent.
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    Dealing with fast, low balls

    I play against a couple of athletic guys with a great sense for the ball who do not follow the conventional wisdom of spinny, 6 feet above the net rallies. Instead, they play fast balls, with some spin and barely flying over the net. I usually find myself having to catch and hit back the...
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    String recommendations for Prince TT 310

    I did. Velocity MLT.
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    2021 Head Radical replacement grip in matching color?

    Does anyone know where to find a an exact 2021 Head Radical replacement grip? It is a hydrosorb pro, but it is gray, and I have not seen yet the replacement in that color. Any ideas if this is a special grip and if it is available for purchase anywhere?
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    Head Racquets Quality Control

    I am specifically interested in Head. I am very familiar with Wilson and Dunlop issues. They seem to be notorious for their all over the place spec ranges. Babolat does not seem far behind in that sense. I noticed that Head does not seem to carry the same bad reputation. Online reviewers don’t...
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    Head Racquets Quality Control

    I have a 2021 Radical MP and the specs of it are close to the advertised spec (1-2 g off on weight). I am thinking about getting me a second one. What should I expect from Head racquets when it comes to getting a second one?
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    Gamma TNT2 React Pro - Anyone tried?

    Tennis spin is a nice (charmy, plain talk) channel, but it is an influence focused. He (Harry) even said in of his QAs that he started the channel to show his daughter how to review products and get views. I would not be surprised if he had a deal with Gamma. It would be nice if he is to...
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    Triax 17g String Review

    Thank you for the insightful review. How would you compare Triax to some of your favorite hybrid?
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    Blade V7 Tennis Elbow??

    I think that one issue with switching between the versions and TE/arm aggravation can also be from a power difference. You are used to a very similar frame, with more power so when you switch to v7, arm needs to do a bit more work, enough to aggravate it.
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    Better Option for Clash 98

    How would you rank its arm comfort? I played with EZONE 98 Tour and I started having arm problems after a while.
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    Head 360+ in MP - Speed or Radical

    You are exactly right. I am demoing Radical and Speed MP now. Radical feels like a better v7 Blade. I am liking 2021 Radical MP very much.
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    Experience with Wilson Clash 98

    Please do share your results and lessons learned with strings as you go.
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    Experience with Wilson Clash 98

    I’d say go fo it. Overall, the trade off of mostly subjective (flexy, different feel) vs. objective (arm comfort/safety, spin potential, playability) is really on the latter side. All things considered, there is no real reason why one cannot play a very advanced tennis with this racquet. I...