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    Tecnifibre T-Rebound 298 Iga Swiatek signature racquet

    wow, still struggling to find the 305 RS and now this one should be similar to my go to frame, grrr. Had expected or "feared" that, but I would like to test it and compare it both to the speed mp 360 i have and the old prince 100t that I kept in the collection and she was using before. thanks man :)
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    Moving away from Gravity Pro ...

    Hi, would the Speed Pro be an option? Also closed pattern and 100 head, good spin, very comfortable and a little more power than the gravity I read. The Extreme tour I am not so sure, I mean awesome frame but a little firmer sweet spot smaller for me.
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    Who all has been playing with the Graphene 360+ Speed Pro or MP?

    the speed MP 360+ is my go to frame. Like it a lot. Have also slightly more issues as @Lorenn shared with the serve, but as I s*k with serve anyhow... Rest is wonderful in my eyes and would like to test the Pro even though at 310gr unstrung it is a little above my spec preferences. Feel is...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Can you also mention your strung balance? to finish with 325gr strung I guess you have to go to a 300gr unstrung Angell, I had / have plenty of them. If you tell us the string gauge you use we can help you as @Blahovic said to extrapolate it... I had tc95 16x19 and have tc97 18x20, all 300gr...
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    Frames on your bucket list?

    always some in the head, but very happy with my go-to.. on my list, the Speed Pro 360+, the T-Fight 305 RS, the new Vcore Pro 100. actually, I should not try them, just stick to what I like right now, but you know how it is...
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    Ultimate racquet of choice - tournament players and/or coaches

    I "hate" you my friend... jaja. Guess need to try this one...
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    New Head Frame

    Hope so jaja, meaning that it stays. love the Speed MP 360+
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    Head Codes [Updated list]

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    Ultimate string of choice !

    I am a boring guy meaning that I try to find many things at least ok. But of all strings discussed here ultra cable is a mega no go. Super overhyped. Not comfortable… not really better in spin in my experience (only like 4 hours). (the other negative is Yonex PT spin). So a lot personal...
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    Rackets similar to Extreme Tour?

    Speed MP 360+ is a superb frame, also kind of all court, maybe a little bit more base line. Radical MP 360+ is supposed to be good as well. Not sure what it would give you though more or very different to the Extreme Tour.
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    Hi, am with the speed MP now (339 mould) and very happy. The MP is very comfortable too even though RA value might be higher. But I got one 360+ measured and it was RA61. Actually not playing with Super Tour 1.30 as main string. My thinking or approach with the TC95, where I wanted to control...
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    I am not a fan of just repeating stuff, but have to agree here. I have tried very many strings (and racquets jaja) and always try to see something positive in it even when it is not for me. And I was coming, many years ago, from using two reels of the PTP, and when i tried the spin after friends...
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    I have tested FB Cream (on a Speed MP 360+) and am positively surprised. Liked it a lot. Was sceptical as even though I only use "soft" polis I thought if it might be too soft (mushy) and I might not like it. Spin was very very decent, and I play often very thin gauges (Prince XT18, or...
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    Is the Pro Staff 97 an arm wrecker?

    The PS97 is maybe not an arm killer but it is quite “firm”. Careful with strings here.
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    Head Velocity

    Great string indeed. Actually, and maybe just a feeling thing, I found the black a little bit more crisp. Just a little bit. Not stiff but not as soft.