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    Djokovic is cracked

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    "Did you watch the match?"

    I really had a hard laugh Very entertaining answers from the players.
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    Ivanisevic : ‘Novak Djokovic is the Robin Hood of tennis’

    Good to see you’re still the same idiot you were back then when I left this board.
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    Djokovic will win the next 6 slams in a row

    Thought you meant ”the next 60 ...”
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    Peugeot Ad

    Sorry if somebody posted this already. Let them talk ;-)
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    The Greatest Comeback of All-Time?

    no new „Djokovic‘s opponent was injured“ thread today??
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    So basically, have we all admitted to ourselves Novak is > Fedal?

    Your LeBron Jordan analogy. You know it and know it.
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    Will Djokovic now find all the love?

    Hopefully not. I still want to be fan of the „villain“ who’s upsetting every Fedal fan on this planet. This hate is earned the hard but best way
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    So basically, have we all admitted to ourselves Novak is > Fedal?

    For years we‘ve been told by Fedal fans only the slam count will decide the GOAT question. For some time now the story‘s changed
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    Djokovic deserved it-but Rafa WAS injured

    Those embarrassing threads made me leave this board. Thanks for reminding me
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    Djokovic splits with O'Shannesy

    Read it on and didn´t like :-(
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    Djokovic forehand and serve is mediocre

    Another board expert unleashing his wisdoms. Djokovic is below mediocre. He was just lucky that the best 900 ATP Players were injured for more than a decade otherwise hou wouldn´t have even won a 250 Masters title. /sarcasm mode off
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    Fed Fans - Who would you rather overtake Federer's slam total?

    This is the worst Insult I´ve ever heard!!!!!!!!!! :mad: ;)