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    Nike or Adidas apparel and footwear?

    I usually wear nike but sometimes mix in adidas and under armor.
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    Barricade IV vs Babolat All Court vs Nike Air Max Breathe 3

    I have the BIIIs and absolutely love them. I tried on the B IV and it just wasnt as low to the ground so it didnt feel as nice. Didn't really try the Babolats so I cannot speak about them.
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    nBlade review...

    You're being very helpful, thanks a lot!
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    nBlade review...

    I have a decent One handed backhand with the nsixone 95. How do you think it will do with the blade?
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    nBlade review...

    double post sorry!
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    nBlade review...

    Thanks for the input. If possible, could you compare the nBlade to the nsix-one 95? I've been using the n6.1 for some time now and am in need of a new racquet, and the nBlade sounds pretty nice right now.
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    The New Wilson NBlade

    I'm also very excited about this racquet. The n6.1 95 has been my favorite ever used, but this seems to fix all the little things I'd change about it to fit my game. Will definitely demo very soon as i need a new racquet anyway...
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    New nike shoes.

    Remember, look is a PERSONAL PREFERENCE. I know at least around here, Nike is the most worn tennis brand among teenagers my age, so I don't see any indication that Nike is going to stop with Tennis. Most people think the new Vapor shoe looks great, and i've heard neutral opinions on the Breathe...
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    Breathe 3 vs. Barricade IV review...

    Yeah I agree with you. When i went to the local shop, i tried on the Breathe threes, B4s, and the Vapors Vapors didnt float my boat, because i just couldnt see them lasting long at all. so i narrowed it down to the B4 and Breathe 3. Both felt VERY comfortable on my wide midfoot area and low...
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    nike air breathe free 3

    i found it has a VERY wide forefoot. As for the midfoot, it is still fairly wide but not near as much as the forefoot area.
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    Today i ve got my Breathe 3s

    BTW I saw the new 06 shoes at my local store today...Vapor looks GREAT, but the white is like a pearly white, and is shiny, that doesn't look very good to me. The B3s also look great in person imo...ended up buying the Breathe 3s.
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    The New Nike Breathe Free III's

    and you are getting B4s? They are heavier than the Breathe threes... I tried on the Breath threes, 06 Vapors, and the B4s...all were VERY Nice, but out of the bunch, i chose the B3. It looks great in person to me...
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    What attracts you to tennis clothes?

    LOL I notice that too!
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    Today i ve got my Breathe 3s

    thanks john
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    Anyone know what colors the Nike Vapor Speed 3's will be coming out in?

    is that the only white or is there a less-flashy one?