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    FS Wilson Pro Staff 97L Countervail Black (4 1/4, 9.5/10)

    New price: $150, shipping included. *Racquet strung with Wilson Sensation at 55 lbs.
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    FS Wilson Pro Staff 97L Countervail Black (4 1/4, 9.5/10)

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Wilson Pro Staff 97L Countervail Black Grip Size: 4 1/4 Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 97 sq. in. Condition (x out of 10): 9.5/10 *Specific Time Used: Used for almost 3 months *General Description: Racquet has minor scuffs, no paint chips and...
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    FS Wilson Six One 95S (x2), 4 1/2, 7/10

    Racquet Item Description: Wilson Six One 95S (2013) Grip Size: 4 1/2 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 95 Condition (x out of 10): 7/10 *Specific Time Used: Years *General Description: Both racquets have scrapes and some paint chips but absolutely no cracks. Price: $120 Shipping: Included Seller's...
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    Eagnas Flex 940 to Alpha Ghost 2

    We had a Prince 6000 at the shop but his contract ended and so he took his machine with him. A friend of mine got the shop and I loaned her my Flex 940. Problem right now is that the weekly racquet volume is high and it's low season here in Puerto Rico (no leagues, last junior tournament is...
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    What racket is next?

    You should lower that tension closer to low 50s/high 40s, but I wouldn't recommend using that racquet if the problem persists. An 11 ounce 27.5" racquet on the stiff side with a 330 SW and at 6pts. HL doesn't sound very appealing to the arm. Personally, I'd go for something around 11.3-11.5oz...
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    2017 Pure Strike

    Ordered a 16x19. First racquet I buy at full price in about 15 years. I live in Puerto Rico so if I don't like it I'll probably be able to sell it quick.
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    2017 Pure Strike

    I'm looking forward to the release. All the different specs sound interesting, wonder how different they will be.
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    Smashed my first racket today :(

    With that championship and million dollar paycheck, I understand your frustration... Oh wait
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    Yonex Protech 8

    How do you like the Ghost(2?)? I've been using a Prince 6000 for years but the owners will lose the lease on the pro shop, leading them to sell the machine. I'd buy the machine but it's been fixed twice and I'm guessing they won't sell it any lower than $3K. If that's the case, I'm considering...
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    Testing PS97's

    I haven't used the RF97A at all but I have played with the 97 and I can say it's not a racquet for me. My racquet of choice is 6.1 95S (both my sticks are around 11.8 strung) which is around the same weight but the 97's balance kills it for me. I'll be testing the 97S to see if I can move up...
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    Asics shoes ship to Puerto Rico?

    I just read the annotation that says Asics shoes (products?) can't be shipped outside the US per the manufacturer's restrictions. Is Puerto Rico included in the restriction?
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    FS: Wilson Pro Staff 97LS w/ Leather Grip (4 1/2)

    Racquet sold a while ago. Sorry for editing info.
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    FS Wilson: PS97 LS and 6.1 95L (BOTH with leather grip)

    Wilson PS 97LS SOLD Wilson 6.1 95L still available: $75 shipping included
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    FS Wilson: PS97 LS and 6.1 95L (BOTH with leather grip)

    2014 Wilson Pro Staff 97LS WITH Wilson Leather Grip String: Luxilon ALU Power Spin @ 53lbs Grip Size: 4 1/2 Head Size: 97 sq. in. Condition: 9/10 Time Used: 5+ hours Description: Absolutely no cracks, ONE small paint chip and some minor scuffing on bumper. Price: $100 2013...