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    Stringway Double/triple clamp technique

    I always remove the clamp while still pulling tension (before lockout or if on a dropweight, before weight goes to level) so the tensioner is not pulling against the clamp (well only the clamp on the other side of the stringbed). Is this what you are doing? Maybe try clamping only 2 strings...
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    Doubles partner not cutting it

    When I captained teams I always made this announcement before the season: "Anyone who has issues with their regular doubles partner if they have one, or a doubles partner I pair them up with, let me know ASAP and I will make sure that you only play singles".
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    Stringway Double/triple clamp technique

    It's been a while since I've used the Stringway clamps as I've moved onto a Neos 1500 some time ago but I did not notice a significant tension difference. How do you tell? pluck the string for sound frequency?
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    The Match Tiebreaker

    It's amazing to be that people can routinely binge watch a Netflix series at 6-12Hrs a shot but can't hold their attention span for live sports events. Also, as a golfer, I see nothing wrong with keeping play at 9 and 18 holes. The trouble is that most golfers can't get around 9 holes in ~2Hrs...
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    Pusher runs opponent around like a yo-yo

    Not sure what argument this is making but doing some cursory analysis... $7M in prize money since turning pro in 2001 (18 years) + whatever sponsorship money she earns which I don't think is all that much for her but let's say the total she's earned in 18 years is $10M minus expenses for...
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    Pusher runs opponent around like a yo-yo

    Not generically high percentages, but given her skills, they are indeed high percentage shots. She's able to do it every match day in /day out. There are the classic, old time players at my club who manage to hit hard flat shots within inches of the net all the time. Just their game. Not low...
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    Pusher runs opponent around like a yo-yo

    Agree... Painting lines may work 1 day but not another. The guys who are really good have their tennis computers wired to calculate where they need to hit the ball based on court conditions, opponent movement/speed, the quality of the ball they are returning + hitting, how well they are...
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    Pusher runs opponent around like a yo-yo

    Definitely not a pusher. In fact, I would say that she is one of the few WTA players who attempts to take control and dictate the point. Every opportunity she gets, she is attempting to change direction + pace, create angles and make the point uncomfortable for her opponent. How's that...
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    Saw a real life moonballer in USTA.

    What about the aggressive topspin lob/moonball? One of my favorite set pieces is the high roller topspin shot to the backhand corner and come in. If I think the ball is going to land within 4~5 feet of the baseline and my opponent does not have time to run around his backhand, I'm at the...
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    Ashleigh Barty is our new world number one

    So refreshing to see someone with variety in their game. I almost stopped watching the WTA altogether until this gem of a player showed up.
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    Butt-Cap stapling: Hansen Tacker

    I don't replace butt caps often. I am nervous about cracking/splintering the pallet so I don't use a staple or a nail. Instead, I use a small amount of silicone caulk (360* coverage). I've done this on a dozen or so butt caps and have never had a problem and IMO the butt caps sit more...
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    Argh! LOSING match but winning more games overall

    Understanding the scoring system in any endeavor, sports or otherwise is important. One may think it's unreasonable or unfair but until the rules or the law changes it is what it is and we accept the results. Don't like it? The law or the rules can be changed but complaing about the rules...
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    Heat tolerance and aging

    One of the best matches I saw was an older (estimate 55+) woman vs a younger (~30) one on a hot summer day. The older woman clearly had better skills and won the first set by a couple of breaks. But towards the end of the first set, the younger woman started extending points with defensive...
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    Argh! LOSING match but winning more games overall

    QED.. people act out their pathology. Keep insulting Americans. It's not like you are alone. Electoral college as a useful analogy. Never mentioned anything about political leanings. Left/Right/Center otherwise. wasn't political until your comment.
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    Argh! LOSING match but winning more games overall

    You have no idea who I am and you might be surprised how many games/sports I have played through the course of my life. But I will give you that this is my opinion and I have not played or watched every game and every unique form of scoring. But that was not the point of the Analogy. All the...