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    ATP big titles kings

    Children, children, Drake had more top 10 tracks than The Beatles in a single year. Does that make him better than The Beatles??? No, of course not. People had to leave their couch to buy a Beatles song, now you just press a button on your phone. The B3 have a team of scientists, doctors, and...
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    Kim Clijsters is coming back! Again!

    Dude, she has 3 kids, forget about winning majors, she just wants to get the hell out of the house!
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    Kim Clijsters is coming back! Again!

    Well why not? The WTA is about sprinting, not running a marathon, and she’s younger than Serena. Roof at all 4 majors now, players (men and women combined) can play into their 40’s these days.
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    Imagine there is no GOAT

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    Sampras never created such controversy and division among tennis fans

    Hello OP, and welcome to the internet. Funny story, it turns out that instead of creating a global village where ideas and opinions could flow freely and thus bring us all closer together, the internet instead supercharged our deeply rooted tribal impulses and made even the most inane subjects...
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    Making an Ezone 98 even more arm friendly

    Not racket related, but as a one time TE sufferer, let me just reiterate what others have said: only physical therapy and rest can fix your TE. Also, it’s often overlooked that TE is frequently a symptom of underlying shoulder issues. It was for me, I fixed my shoulder issues and now I play...
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    Is Grigor Dimitrov good looking?

    Obviously we’re talking peak handsome.
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    Is Grigor Dimitrov good looking?

    If Grigor Dimitrov isn’t good looking, then 99.9999999999% of all men on earth, and in the history of earth, are and have been eye-hemorrhage Inducing sewer-trolls. /thread
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    The U.S. Open is the WORST Grand Slam by far

    Here’s something that doesn’t get mentioned often enough: the roof makes it easier to win slams, especially for the top seeds that get preferential scheduling and are less prone to shock exits due to extreme weather or rain delays. As a spectator, I agree, a roof keeps the spectacle going, but...
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    Nick Kyrgios reminds me of ...

    @ibbi Yeah, it was probably a bit more mental than physical. Although he got spanked by the young guns in 2/3 of those USO finals. So yeah, maybe he wasn’t spent, but he knew he couldn’t compete physically with the new generation with bigger and more powerful rackets and strings without...
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    Nick Kyrgios reminds me of ...

    People don’t know their history. Sampras was the Federer of his day, a guy that lived for tennis, who knew the history, and who chased the records.
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    Nick Kyrgios reminds me of ...

    I get your point, but it’s apples and oranges. Doesn’t matter how passionate Sampras was about tennis, physically, he knew he was spent. How important is fitness in snooker? And how grueling is the tour? Any 5 set marathons in Australia in a stadium without a roof that used to get hotter than...
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    Nick Kyrgios reminds me of ...

    Dude, read Sampras’s book. Sampras loved tennis. Later in his career what took its toll was everything that revolves around the tour, like travelling, hotels, press, etc. You’re thinking of Agassi. Agassi was super talented, but he hated tennis, and that’s why he had the career arc that he did.
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    The Aeropro Drive Original will arguably go down as the best modern racquet of all's why

    Ever heard of: SW is like body fat: really easy to put on, but almost impossible to take off. That’s why the APD 2013 is the bomb. Comfy, and with a low Enough SW for customization.
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    Bencic to expose Andreescu false dawn

    I’m really happy for Andrescool (tm.), but let’s be honest, Bencic choked hard in the second set. ........ what it is with the Swiss lately? Bring back Hingis!