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    Will Felix Auger-Aliassime finish 2020 ranked higher than he finished 2019 (#21)?

    If he fixes his second serve and kicks his double fault addiction, yes. If not, no.
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    Canada made a strategic mistake

    Yes I get it, what I’m saying is that I find the mandatory 1-1 2-2 matchup too restrictive. There should be no constraints. The only rationale I can think of for having these ridiculous constraints is to protect the top teams from potential upsets through the deciding doubles rubber. Now, I...
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    Canada made a strategic mistake

    I wouldn't overthink it. To me, if we're going to have serious team-based competition in tennis then we should let each team decide who they field and let the chips fall where they may. This would actually help smaller countries because they could be more strategic instead of wasting their...
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    Canada made a strategic mistake

    I see. Well, then not much Canada could have done. Although I will say I think it's preposterous that in a team-based format the captains don't get to choose who they play?? Why should the two highest-ranked players always meet? Even the entertainment element isn't guaranteed by such a stupid...
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    Canada made a strategic mistake

    Yes, I realize that whomever Canada chose to field, Spain was the overwhelming favourite. However, I still think they made the wrong choice of players. To me, the strategy should have been to at least force a deciding doubles rubber where Pospisil can give you a shot, and the only way to do that...
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    Nadal is a patriot

    It helps to have an amazing squad though. That’s why Federer and Djokovic’s Davis cups are more impressive IMO. I mean, this year’s finals featured a Spanish squad with 10 guys in the top 100, 5 guys in the top 50, 2 guys in the top 10, the #1 player in the world, and a handful of terrific...
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    What is up with Italy?

    Sinner-mania sounds like a trip to Vegas, doesn’t really suit Sinner’s baby face or persona. I prefer Sinner-gy ;)
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    It's year 2025, Roger Federer...

    It's year 2025, Roger Federer... Is the captain of the SS Enterprise???
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    Only three S & Volley specialists left in the Top 100: a historical first ?

    Have you seen Tsitsipas play or Shapovalov? If anything, the new crop of players is far more willing to finish upfront than the Lost Gen, or even many of the baseliners of the 90's. If you had watched the Tsitsipas Nadal match at the ATP finals I think you would have been amazed at how...
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    Poll: Is the new version of "Davis Cup" available to you?

    Because I'm a Canadian and therefore have an inferiority complex. Is that so hard to understand :)
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    Poll: Is the new version of "Davis Cup" available to you?

    I choose both. That's how we roll in countries that aren't represented in the poll.............................. We live in absolute freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom baby!
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    Poll: Is the new version of "Davis Cup" available to you?

    In reference to your spoiler. I grew up in Europe, including in Austria (where I had plenty of Serbian friends), and only the very ignorant tended to believe that..... Just saying. I mean really, you expect me to believe that people equate the American President with Canada in this day and age...
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    Poll: Is the new version of "Davis Cup" available to you?

    Dude, have you seen the players that are there? Every country that made it fielded their strongest possible team from what I can see. Also, I just watched Canada v. Italy and no one (well, except maybe Fognini because who the hell know what that guy thinks) is taking this lightly.
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    Poll: Is the new version of "Davis Cup" available to you?

    Where's the vote for Canada? Seriously, we're a contender and you didn't even include us in your poll. Also, yes, the whatever-it's-called-cup is on regular cable here in Canada, you know, the apparently non-existing part of North American that put the North in America.
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    Bold prediction. Federer, Nadal or Djokovic will NOT win a single slam in 2020.

    More like BALD prediction................. .......... I'll just let myself out now