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    Hi eagle, Im in Waikaloa/kona till the 7th. Im 4.0-4.5 Let me know if you know anybody up for...

    Hi eagle, Im in Waikaloa/kona till the 7th. Im 4.0-4.5 Let me know if you know anybody up for a hit. Thanks!
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    Kona Big Island 2/14 - 2/28

    Aloha...I'm on the big island Kona/Waikaloa area from April 1st till April 7th if anyone is interested in a hit. There are courts at our condo. Im 4.0-4.5. thats for you non-bots out there.
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    FS: 2x Angell TC95 16x19 (4 1/2)

    I have one at 330g. 4 1/4 grip though.
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    Diff between ps 97 and rf97, subjectively/experience?

    It was serious... Thank you @jmacdaununder2 ......sorry for the noob confusion. So why does TW not use the same specs as what is PRINTED ON THE RACKET? I had to go back and see if I may have gotten some light version by mistake. I find the 66 stiffness on the ps97cv to be just right for my...
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    Diff between ps 97 and rf97, subjectively/experience?

    hi TW, I'm demoing a ps97 countervail. I really like it so far. the specs on the racket say 11.1 oz. The specs on the TW page say 11.7. I cant find one on TW that is 11.1oz.
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    WTB Dunlop Bio f5.0 tour

    prefer 1/2 grip size.
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    Arthritis in elbow? one

    @Mongolmike @David Thomas I had my elbow looked at a few years back because of loss of motion. The x-ray showed bone spurs. They told me that there was nothing they would do for me then. This was 8+ years ago. I was not having nerve problems in the hand and wrist. I am now. Curious to...
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    What's your racquet history?

    @WestboroChe I prefered the 16x19. I never really got my groove with the 18x20. Turned out too stiff for my taste. At the time I used it I was into multi strung tight. Also, I knew nothing about customization. I'm curious to string up something a bit more modern and bring it to my...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Trying a hybrid in my TC97 18x20...actually re-trying. I got it used here on the boards earlier this year. First few sessions were Amazing in comparison to my TC95! It had a hybrid of Prince premier control mains and Tourna Big hitter silver in the crosses. I cut those out and started...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Both great frames. I used the MW for a LONG time. I find the TC97 18x20 has more in common with the MW200g than the TC95 18x20 63ra. I can hit flatter and with more feel. It just matches well with my style of play and groundstroke motion. I will still carry a few muscle weaves in my bag till...
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    Most Stable Shoe?

    I did not want to believe it but my knees confirmed it. Boost from now on.
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    How many people still play with rackets that are over 20 years old?

    I have one of these! Rocket launcher yet it still has tremendous feel.
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    Dunlop Srixon - foam filled?

    I had my first session with the TC97 and for me, it's a good stick to transition from the mw200g. The TC95 just had too much boom boom pow. Could not control it without that sweeping spin. I can hit flat snipers similar to the mw. A year ago, Paul told me the 97 would probably suit me...
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    4 yr old serve and volley video never gets old

    Making your daughter walk home and berating her (in public) because of performance in a practice session: Not cool...IN ANY CULTURE.
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    Replacement for Dunlop Biomemetic 200 Tour

    maybe try the new Srixon CX tour?