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    Uh oh... in Dani going off the rails???

    It’s amazing he is the number 3 in the world without clay success. A #3 who hasn’t won a single match at the French. I wasn’t surprised to see him lose in Rotterdam the way the court is playing.
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    What happened to American tennis?

    There hasn’t been a really exciting player from USA in recent years. There has to be some personality, As well as great tennis. Agassi, Roddick, McEnroe, Connors etc probably inspired younger guys to take up the game. Love them or hate them, they were at least interesting to watch. Compare that...
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    What is it that makes Federer such a truly heroic figure in sport?

    I love the aesthetics of his game and I was attracted to his personality as well as his winning ways in the beginning of his career. Almost certainly, Nadal and Djokovic will have more slams in the end, but for me Borg, Laver and Federer will always be favourites. I would love to see Roger have...
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    Do you think some players exist in the "good looking bubble?"

    Yep Fognini is a hottie too but beginning to show his age
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    Do you think some players exist in the "good looking bubble?"

    The best looking guy on the court is most definitely Matteo Berrettini and it’s not even close. I’ve always thought Dimitrov and Fuscovics are very easy on the eye. Of the retired players, Berdych comes to mind
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    Roger's got a new look...

    Djokovic will have a carpet on his head for life.
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    Roger's got a new look...

    That hairline moves back every other month. I’m sure the friction from the headband has not helped. He is not bald yet, but he’s getting there. Happens to many men of his age.
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    Should players reveal what drugs are they taking under TUE?

    A type 1 diabetic as Zverev is cannot live without insulin. It’s not optional for him.
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    Should Andy Murray retire?

    You think a former #1 with 3 GS and 2 Olympic gold is having fun losing to journeymen in a 250? I really hope he is, but I doubt it.
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    Should Andy Murray retire?

    As a fellow Scot, I would love to see Andy Murray back at the top. Today he lost in straights to Gerasimov. He is just not having the results and I just hate to see him humiliated like this. I’m interested in what the rest of you think
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    How will Medvedev celebrate his maiden Grand Jam title?

    We don’t know yet. He hasn’t won one :-D
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    Medvedev is a joke

    He choked. Bad. Made big mistakes he hasn’t been making other than against Krajinovic. I expected more of a match. That he was broken again in the final game was just plain embarrassing for him. Come on Daniil. You are better than this. Since he hasn’t ever won even a single match at the French...
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    AO 2021 Final: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [3] Daniil Medvedev

    So disappointed Medvedev didn’t make it more of a match. We all know beating Novak in Australia is a tough ask but the unforced errors, a less than great serve and I think, a lack of belief made it easier than it should have been. Hopefully Daniil can learn from this and it shows how the next...