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    Swing Vision AI line calls and Analysis

    That's quite an investment for someone who does not own Apple devices and only intends to use it for a singular use. The website states that the requirement is iOS13 which is supported on older devices such as the iPhone6s. What is the downside of using an older device?
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    Swing Vision AI line calls and Analysis

    What is the cheapest iPhone that will work with this app? Any news on the Android version?
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    These new VCores don't suck.

    Blade tends to be heady heavy while the vcore is head light, try adding a small amount of weight (1 gram each) to 3/9 and see how it feels.
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    2021 Yonex VCore 95

    My Vcore95 2021 arrived today and I took it out for a hit against the wall and it was a very good first hit. I did not get on with the previous version when I demoed it due to the low stifness rating, I prefer stiff rackets such as the RF97 and Pure Strike. This season I have been playing with...
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    Nike Vapor Lite All Court

    Anyone played in these or seen a review?
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    VAT Charged twice?

    Makes sense, I made an order for under £135 and it was smooth as always. The biggest issue for me is the removal of the demo program for UK customers :(
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    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    What's going on with the QC of the new 2021 vcore line? Seems a number of users are reporting that the weight and balance is correct but swingweight is massivley under spec?
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    Vcore 98 2021 vs Ezone 98 2020

    Ezone has a tighter 16x19 string pattern which results in a lower launch angle than the Vcore.
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    Vcore 98 (2021), 360+ radical pro, Blade 98 v7 or Extreme tour

    Similar list to me love the PS but the gen 2 hurt my arm and gen3 18x20 is a bit too much swinweight for me to handle. Do yourself a favour and remove the bladev7 from this list, I own one and it is nothing like the PS and not a good racket in my eyes. I only bought it to play during winter...
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    VAT Charged twice?

    What a mess, I generally find UK retailers have less stock and fewer deals TWE and other european retailers have been so good but now seems brexit has ruined this option. How is this going to work with demos and returns? You need to claim the money back from two places? I wonder what % of sales...
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    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    On TWE the 2020 Ezone 98 has dropped to 174,91 from 249. Give it a year and the VCORE will see reduction in europe at least. Having said that I feel like the slide towards $250-300 is bad, at $150 I will take a punt on a new racket or even 2 from the family (98/95) and just buy it day 1 but at...
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    Best tennis shoes for UK astro turf with sand?

    Horrible surface that I play 99% of my tennis on :( Clay is the way to go! We are resurfacing soon and will choose artificial clay which seems to have all the benefits of artifical grass (can play when wet) but actually has consistent bounce.
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    New Ezone 2020 PJ: White and Gold N.Osaka LTD edition

    I noticed this while watching the other day and these pics seem to confirm it, is it me or does the hoop also seem to be a bit more like the 2020 Ezone 98/Tour?
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    Tecnifibre XTC 305 is better than the Blade 98, Pure Strike 98 etc

    Demoed the Blade 18x20 but it was a bit too head heavy for me and I struggled with the serve, in hindsight I should have chosen this one over the 16x19 and added weight to the handle. Still both rackets are super flexy and require too much of my own effort to push the ball through the court. I...
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    Tecnifibre XTC 305 is better than the Blade 98, Pure Strike 98 etc

    Owned: Blade 98v7 16x19 too flexy not enough power/penetration through the court but very good on the serve Owned: Pure Strike Gen3 18x20 great power and precision, probably my perfect racket but a little bit of arm soreness even with the dampening Demod: T40 305 nice comfortable control racket...