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    Tennis shoes good for running

    Are there any <$80 tennis shoes out right now that are durable and good for hardcourts, but also are comfortable as running shoes? I've tried running in nike air resolves but my shins started to hurt, so i need tennis shoes with a lot of cushion.
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    Federer trains with Luncanu before the great RG final?

    I think i remember one of the announcers a few days ago or so say that federer/roche had hired puerta as a lefty hitting partner since he was suspended from the tour. I could've heard wrong and they were talking about portas or something but i definately remember hearing something like that.
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    how many mishits does it take...

    how many mishits does it normally take to significally alter the tension of your strings? (i just got my PKs and im still adjusting, mishitting in the process:neutral: and im scared my strings will loosen soon)
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    Ideal Contact Point on Groundstrokes

    the sweetspot...? (center of string pattern) i dont think i follow ur question.
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    Sweetest Looking Racquets

    PK type Cs are mad sleek.
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    Rate my hits

    ok if this is a serious thread/video, then my advice would be to be more fluid and relaxed, work on the more technical aspects after you can play more comfortably.
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    How is Ljubicic so good?

    he plays similarly to federer with a better serve, worse forehand, and better backhand, that's why he's so good.
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    A question to basketball players

    there's really no real similarity besides being agile, the stance for a jump shot and a forehand are completely different.:|
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    Raymond slice backhand

    i still need some tips and analysis of her backhand :confused:
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    Raymond slice backhand

    I was watching the FO today and lisa raymond's slice backhand was pretty sick. I noticed that her hitting arm is slightly bent when she hits, while when i attempt slice backhands my arm is almost straight and my racquet perpendicular to my forearm, is the reason for my sub-par slice backhand the...
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    Find your racquet and stay with it

    sometimes new racquets give a psychological boost.
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    One hander

    when i mess around in practice and hit 1handed, i find that the key is to take the ball way in front and too much wrist action will start to hurt after a while, so pay attention to that. however, im not expert on a one handed backhand at all so you dont really need to listen to me i guess.
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    Racket brand stereotypes

    fischer makes the most consistent racquets =)
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    trick shot

    use an eastern backhand grip and hit the ball when it's super low. VERY CAREFULLY if you're a guy. (i've never had the guts to fully commit to this shot)
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    Will Nadal get credit for completing the GRAND SLAM after winning the U.S Open?

    nadalgirl, did you start watching tennis like 3 weeks ago?