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    The right racket for a professional piano player!?

    personally, i don't think the racket would matter, just teach her the proper technique so she doesn't hurt herself (no slicing) sorry a bit off topic but I got a question Do you know how long she practices each day?
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    I need help

    Im aiming to hit 13 this year, in the past ive gotten double digits :P
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    I need help

    what have you gotten in the past?
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    Natural Gut

    umm.. absolutely not? I dont get it, Australian products are imported to America and sold cheaper in America. Yes Natural gut is very expensive down here, so thats why you should buy it from TW and just pay the labour fee to string it. on a side note, in japan, yonex badminton rackets are...
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    Natural Gut

    Can you afford to buy Natural Gut in Australia??the prices are ridiculuos. oh yeah and playing with a dampener just changes the sound
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    Help me - Back troubles :( :(

    This is only a guess: If its from overheads and serves, its because you arc your back to much. You try and bend your back when you toss the ball behind your back and try straightening it up too much. This puts alot of strain on your back and it hurts even to lite down. You have to let it...
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    Finally, my new hardcourt! and 5-omni courts resort in the neighborhood (Pic)

    wow dude where do you live? which country? do you live in a tourist place or something? you live near alot of hotels!!
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    What to do when a guy is cheap.

    Sorry I forgot to add to that point, if your both unsure, then play2. Thanks for finding my mistake orangeone
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    What to do when a guy is cheap.

    Next time, just tell the guy!! Or change the balls earlier If you post this on a message board it will never get resolved and it will stick on you. So if you need to vent you anger, dont hold it in. Its very bad advice I know, your teachers would never tell you this, but your playing tennis...
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    ever played your coach and beat him?

    Umm, everyone has said enough one thing i would like to point out is: I believe every professional player on tour(excluding all junior players) is able to beat their coach. The coach is there to help them cope mentally, becasue they already know hwo to hit the ball, everything is up there...
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    The two types of backhands.. Why??

    I've been puzzled by this question in my mind: Why does the One-handed backhand seem to have equal power to the Two-handed backhand? The professionals with a one handed backhand can hit winners just as fast as the two handers. I thought there's another arm being used with the two hander? Can...
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    Match vs. Practice

    During warm-ups, just absolutely hammer the ball, even if it hits a plane or lands in the south pole. Don't think about how what your opponent does if he gives you a frown just say sorry and go pick the ball up. This helps you feel looser. During the match, jsut relax i mean relax like your...
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    Roddick Backhand SLIGHTLY better, Forehand MUCH worse

    umm the second video has been removed due to terms of use violation. What was in it?
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    What's this type of court called?

    Im gonna have to disagree with you duece.. only on the sand bit though. Yes, the sand gets shifted around, but I think your exaggerating a bit. You realise a tonne of sand is placed over the carpet, this amount of sand is not easily shifted.. I've slid alot of times on synthetic grass and...
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    Updated NTRP System

    wow theres no 8 or 9 ratings and theres a 10.0?? definately bogus :P