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    The problem is established with Google Chrome. Try working with another browser.
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    Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Stringing Instructions

    There are also new instructions on the babolat site. If you can not find it I can send it.
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    WISE 2086 - error code #15

    Take your time sending the machine for repair. It is very likely that you have a problem with the power supply. This is the easiest problem. Test the machine with another. Observe the power supply parameters - Input Voltage AC 220B, Output Voltage DC 15V, Output Current 5A !!!. The output...
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    NXT Power Replacement?

    YTEX Micofiber-X, YTEX Touch
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    Excellent Quadro twisт and Square-X. I also like multifilament Microfiber-X. My favorite is QT in the mains and Mikrofiber-X in the crosses. I've tested a standard stringing and Sergetti. Very good feeling. I recommend multifilament Microfiber-X young tennis players and tennis players with TE.
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    making a stencil

    Аn old X-ray picture plate.
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    To anyone thinking about the Alpha Pioneer DC Plus: I recommend you go with a different machine.

    The small lever is an additional option. You can remove it if you do not like it. View this topic:
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    Pro's Pro XP Plus

    I have not seen that Pro'sPro offer these rails. I bought railings from Siboasi. Their size is 29cm. When it should not be a problem, but still weigh.
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    Tooth and cog external ratchet

    The problem with the free fall of the DW mechanism on the Pros Pro Chalnerger I, I've solved it using three bolts, a spring and broken pliers. My MOD has shown in the pictures.
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    Pro's Pro Electric Power MT-200