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    Can pro's get DQ'd for intentional harm that is done technically within the rules?

    Definitely, and by this point I believe full right to bear arms should be enacted
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    Is Sampras + Wawrinka = Federer

    Both Federer and Wawrinka are inspired by Sampras game, I think. All 1hbh, Federer used to do the toe point that Sampras' did during serve, and Wawrinka has said he wants to play a style like Sampras. They all use similar tactics, chip backhand returns, and like to come to net, but Wawrinka is a...
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    Tell me again tennis doesn't have a servebot problem

    I would definitely say a lot of Zverev's success so far, and his rise to the top has a lot to do with his large frame. I do think taller players have it easier coming up through the ranks because they have easier power. But that same factor doesnt help them to beat the Big 4 much. The big 4 are...
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    Tell me again tennis doesn't have a servebot problem

    Its change in direction. Tall people tend to weigh more, and so they find it harder to change direction once they already started going. Also, having long limbs allows them to hit the ball hard when they have enough time to set it up, but when they get jammed, they are disadvantaged by having to...
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    Tell me again tennis doesn't have a servebot problem

    Conplaining about servebots in tennis would be like complaining about tall people in basketball. Its the same difference, except the result in tennis is no where near as pronounced as in basketball. At least in tennis, theres a huge drawback.
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    Why it is tougher to cheer for Djokovic

    Don't these stats simply reflect who spent the most time ranked #1, thus receiving the most #1 seeding at tournaments?
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    Does anyone else have vivid, enlightened dreams?

    The amount of dreams I get are directly proportional to how uncomfortable the position I'm sleeping in is. If I sleep with too much pressure on my face, my dreams always become me doing normal things, like walking around shopping, then the dreams slowly degrade into some sort of ghostly and...
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    Tell me again tennis doesn't have a servebot problem

    No but I can tell you that serve bots have been around since before 2000.
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    Tell me again tennis doesn't have a servebot problem

    Nutrition? I figure it more or less coincides with the rise of polyester strings. Polys are the real reason courts have slowed down. You guys think serves are the only time where a player can hit a free winner? Its any time now. It doesnt matter if its serve, or forehand. In the game of tennis...
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    Nick Kyrgios' brother was paid $40,000 to advertise for a gambling company

    Is there something wrong with it? I've never taken part in it myself but it gives some people a reason to be invested in the result. Especially with lesser known athletes. Integrity is something only the players need worry about IMO.
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    small possibility of age reverting invetions in the next 15-20 years

    My thinking-- more of a guess, is that the first immortal human has already been born. He may be 90 before immortality is unlocked, but the first nontheless. :p
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    Fox host says he hasn't washed his hands in 10 years!

    I wash my hands a lot as I spend most of my time at a computer. I dont like the idea of my keyboard being covered in ****e from me not washing my hands. My keyboard is also one of those mechanical ones, so every few months I pluck the keys off and clean em with dish soap.
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    Fast paced city or slow quiet one

    Where I live is one of the smaller cities in the Philippines, the Queen City in the South so it's called. The traffic here is worse than in the capital. Less population, but it's a smaller island with less developable land, with the city being mostly wedged between the coast and mountain ranges...
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    Why is federer's serve better than Djokovic's serve?

    I would guess the disguise and placement. I think he has the ability to change direction at a moment's notice, so if he sees his opponent inching a certain direction, he alters course last moment. He also goes for sharper angles than most.
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    Bell Pepper

    I like to use all 3 in the same meal to make it all colorful