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    When your opponent is on fire, it does not phase me one bit

    I can't begin to worry about my opponent's level when I can't even maintain my own level. :P
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    Are sandbaggers really just the best players at level?

    The idea is to remove skill divisions (which are often testimonial based), and let results speak for themselves. It would still be a league... just not 8 different leagues. There are ways to organize leagues where winners face winners, and losers face losers, which helps to determine an accurate...
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    Are sandbaggers really just the best players at level?

    The low level can be structured similarly to top level without impeding fun. Everyone knows that #100 in the world has no chance against #1 in the world. It's a given. No one complains when #100 loses to #1. Problem is some people need a goal to work towards or else they don't feel motivated...
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    Are sandbaggers really just the best players at level?

    The problem is the idea of a "competitive league for beginners" in the first place. The idea that a beginner can be competitive is a strange idea, and its one thats bound to be abused. Remove all divisions and no beginner would ever complain, nor would any intermediate player ever win. We create...
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    Yall ready to admit it now?

    I will eat the one on the right because it looks like it has some beef and it looks scrumptious.
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    If Wawrinka wins 4th major will people still talk about the "Big 4" of this era

    I still call it Big 4 because that was the original name wasn't it? And Murray was part of it. It doesn't make sense to change what a name means to suit the times. Big 4 has and always will represent Murray, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic for me. Even if one of them retires, the other goes to jail...
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    Djokovic anger management and his embarrassing rage

    He does eat grass though
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    French Open final 2019, Novak vs Roger

    Djokovic vs Federer on clay doesnt always become a marathon war like what Nadal always creates. Its more a tactical chess battle. I could see it going both ways...
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    Djokovic anger management and his embarrassing rage

    I never get the impression that he gets angry because of whats happening on court. With the way he reacts, and the rumors of goings on in his personal life that arise from time to time, you get the impression he's letting out his emotion on court because he is unhappy about things off it. In my...
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    Berdych is so underrated.

    People pay too much attention to the upper body while spectating tennis. Watch the feet, and the difference in level becomes apparent.
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    How can a player who has declined in some aspect be at their "peak"?

    Isnt it like... some sort of scientific consensus that humans are at their peak abilities in respect to speed in their 20's? While mentally, their peak can be much later, up to the 40's, and also endurance wise, their peak is around the early to mid 30's. At least in males. In MMA for example, a...
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    'Fedr' is just totally useless

    I'm sorry, I just-- fedr
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    Who is greater: Federer or Wawrinka?

    Yeah. Its pretty sad that Federer isnt even greater than someone who he has a 20-3 record over. But facts is facts. GOAT debate OVER. Sorry Rog R. fans.
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    Nick Kyrgios: Clay Court shouldn't even be a surface, replace it with Grass

    I'll take clay over grass nowadays honestly. Clay is genuine and historical. All the grass has been replaced with something that is completely different in every way except for appearance. Unless they have made alterations that I'm not aware of to the clay "formula". Grass, according to that...