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    The 6 Questions That All Competitive Tennis Players Need To Be Asking Themselves.

    I think those are some good questions to ask yourself. I generally think its good to ask yourself questions and answer them as honestly as possible. You mention meditation and while its not for me, I agree its a good thing to just generally think about it, especially if youre serious about being...
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    Loud thwack of the ball like the pros

    I think most people can hit as hard as a pro, hitting harder/faster is easy, just let the wrist bend back and swing fast. Its the timing and precision that throws people off. If you get a ball coming fast at you how do you react? Often for us rec players we react with a block or poorly timed...
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    Awkward: Kyrgios practising next to Verdasco

    With all the news surrounding Kyrgios, an outsider would think he must be a champion who has problems, but no, hes just a guy with problems.
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    Federer needs to shave his head.

    Not sure its his style. I think he'll be happy to just slowly transition to having thin, balding hair. Whereas Nadal, I think he could keep it short and it would look good and match his style.
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    Carlos Berlocq will will US Open

    He definitely will
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    Duckhee Lee: First Deaf Player to Play in ATP Player Main Draw

    Not being able to hear must be a curse and a blessing. A blessing because he wont hear annoying disturbances from the crowd, a curse because he cant hear the ball.
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    It's too hot to play tennis in NY this week

    I think its fine if a player retires due to heat. Its a nice reward for those better prepared. I dont think Ive ever seen Nadal or Federer retire due to heat, even earlier on in their careers when they didnt get to play on center court.
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    It's too hot to play tennis in NY this week

    Itll test their preparation and endurance. You cant always have perfect weather for tennis. Recreational players know this and play in sweltering heat and humidity because they love the game. I personally know men who are 50+ who dont miss an opportunity to play even if its 90 degrees direct...
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    Cut short the follow through?

    I think it works well for that playstyle, short takeback, short followthrough. Never do big takeback and short followthrough though. I think the two should be connected ,bigger takeback, bigger followthrough. It definitely seems like a style for redirecting, I'm a fan of McEnroe too even when he...
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    Cut short the follow through?

    If I understand correctly, I used to do that as a kid. Its actually really bad for the wrist and forearm because the stopping of the motion puts a lot of forces into the arm. But I was stopping short the motion very soon after contact, actively going against the initial force of my swing, so Im...
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    Who has the better serve technique: Wawrinka or Del Potro?

    I'm tempted to say Del Potro... but he gets injured a lot in the wrists, and a lot of that might have something to do with the serve. Wawrinka doesn't get arm injuries, he gets leg injuries... that could be serve related too... I feel like they're pretty equal to be honest.
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    When Fanfic meets Reality: If Federer has gotten worse, why are his stats better?

    Djokovic won despite having worse stats in the final. It doesn't come down to stats at all, stats are really a huge lie. Don't pay much attention to them. They're indicators of performance sure, but like I have said and people still refuse to believe, the "Worse" player can still win, and that's...
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    Safin backhand. Ball gets up high on him, pushes him back, and difference.

    To me, Safin was the beginning of the era in which he proved that it doesn't matter where you play from on the court now-- You can hit a winner whenever and wherever you want. He was a sign of the changing times, and helped oust the outdated playing styles that became ineffective in the new...
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    Djokovic playing style

    I would call him a counterpuncher as well. I think his most useful ability is his flexibility. He uses it to redirect the ball. He is so flexible that no matter how you try you can't jam him, he will put the ball where he wants it. Maybe not with a lot of power, he will even just block it or...