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    Tennis Warehouse Playtester Debate: Are Classic Racquets Still Relevant?

    Well, since you declare it a classic, can you give us your detailed impressions of how it plays?
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    Prince Phantom Graphite

    I have to say - I'm really disappointed it doesn't get the gold and green accents of the Japanese version, reminiscent of the POG.
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    Apologies if this has been posted already. The specs for the Phantom 107G. Not really worth posting the pics of it since it pretty much looks the same as the 100G pics that were posted before. I much prefer the paintjob that the Japanese version gets...
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    New Prince Tour and Beast release

    Any word on when the new Prince Tour and Beast lines may be coming?
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    PK Ace Station line?

    With ProKennex's new Ace Station line - since it's not called the Black Ace line, can we infer there will be other models? Might they resurrect the Copper Ace, amongst others?
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    Recommendations for demo rackets to replace 20 year old Head Radical Ti

    What headsize was your Ti.Radical? Anyway, here's the specs for both headsizes- Midplus (strung) Weight: 10.75 ounces / 305 grams Balance: 3pts Head Light Swingweight: 312 RA: 65 Oversize (strung) Weight: 10.8 ounces / 306 grams Balance: 3pts Head Light Swingweight: 326 RA: 60 Archive of TW's...
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    Mizuno Lendl

    Yes, it is. Mine is an Epiphone Elitist model - made in Japan with US made hardware.
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    Mizuno Lendl

    Off topic, but have you tried doing the Epley Maneuver? A lot of medical providers will perform it, but they rarely spend the time to teach patients how to do it by themselves at home. (And a lot of general practitioners don't even bother performing it, punting it to specialists.)...
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    Prince re-releases for their 50th anniversary

    I don't think anybody here is really lamenting and complaining as much as talking about and reminiscing about Prince frames we love, which is a good thing especially since a lot of these frames are ones that younger players have never heard about.
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    Prince re-releases for their 50th anniversary

    I can appreciate the challenge of deciding which racquets to pick - they had to balance how popular the racquets were with the public, historical significance and impact on the industry, and association with a professional player. I'm not sure I'd have picked the single stripe Graphite, though...
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    Prince re-releases for their 50th anniversary

    The Prince website, which you can't get to from the front page - Their blog (which includes the re-release post)
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    Prince 50th anniversary re-releases

    Any word on when these might be released? Some absolute gems on this list. But even after narrowing down to the following, some of these stories seemed to just stand a little bit taller than the rest in terms of their significance. So, after countless hours of debate and discussion we settled...
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    Prince re-releases for their 50th anniversary

    As I posted before, the front page of goes to the TW page, likely because the website isn't complete (there's a few unfinished pages there.) But what's interesting is this page, which states - Some absolute gems on this list. But even after narrowing down to the following...
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    Looking for new racquet. Current racquet - Fischer pro tour ft

    The specs for your Fischer, so you can compare current frames to it: Fischer Pro Tour FT I thought of at first, the ProKennex Kinetic 7G - it's extended length (27.5" vs your Fischer's 27.4"), and it offers a 16x20 string pattern like your Fischer. but it does swing heavier than it. Truthfully...