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    Entry level machine or go for Stringway (opinions needed)

    Congrats. The first few is the best learning curve. I remembered my first attempt was on a 18x20 On an X-2 and took me just over 2 hours, that’s with trying a few times with the knots on a 2 piece job. I have done quite a few now and I always take my time as I don’t need to speed up for the...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    good to see you around again. all the best and hope you can fully recover soon.
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    Make your racket look better or different with electric tape.

    Lol - I thought OP was talking about matching the electrical tape (aka grip finish tape) with the colour of the string bed..... that’s what I usually do anyway lol
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    Synthetic gut Mains / Polyester Crosses Club

    on my Angell racuqets, i have only tried PP Syn Gut 16 @54lb/PP RD 1.19 @48lb on the TC100 63RA and thought it played nicely. then i strung ti up with a fb of PP EUrption 1.18 @ 33lb/31lb and the playability and pocketing feel was amazing, have stuck with it since. done the same with the TC95...
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    Quest for a soft and arm friendly poly - please

    I think now Eruption comes in green and black versions - i am using the green one (not sure if the black plays the same). I have not tried it at the 40's tension range, so cant comment. i went straight from multi or syn gut setup straight into the soft co-poly at low 30's tension range. The...
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    Quest for a soft and arm friendly poly - please

    I strung up my TC100 63RA last week with Pro’s Pro Eruption 1.18 at 33lb/31lb - amazingly it is very arm friendly and played nicely during the two hour league match. This is the first time back to poly for over ten years and it was a nice experience. I have done the same on the TC95 16x19 63RA...
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    I am keen to change out the fb of Bab Addition 16 (multi) on a Babolat Pure Aero Tour 2016 to either RD 1.19 or Eruption 1.18. The Addiction 16 was initially strung at 48lb and it was kinda nice to hit with it, it is in the low 40’s atm I think. So with either the RD or Eruption, what tension...
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    Babolat RH12 Bag Wish List

    i have a 2019 RH12 in white and gold colours (Wimbledon edition) - i quite like it so far. the compartments are huge and the zippers works well so far. there are 2 x thermo compartments for the racquets with zippers goes over the edge, so makes putting in/taking out racquets easy. the shoe...
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    Switching from the Pure Aero?

    i have a fb of multi (Bab Addiction 16) on 2016 PAT @ 48lb initially. it is probably in the low 40's now - it plays quite alright and comfortable. the ball lands deeper, so some adjustments needed, but it was fun.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Pro's Pro Red Devil and Eruption (green)
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    So I am officially in love with fb of soft co-poly (1.18mm & 1.19mm gauges and round & shaped types) at very low tension. My previous string setup were fb of multi or syn gut. Strung up K7 Red, TC100 63RA and TC95 16x19 63RA at 33lb/31lb and they felt amazing, very nice pocketing. Had some good...
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    Has anyone tried the Eruption black? I have strung up a couple of Angells with fb of Eruption green 1.18 at low tension and it felt amazing. Just wanted to know if the black colour plays the same, so I can at least have options other than green colour. Also, the 1.19 RD is also pretty sweet...
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    Tension is not as significant a spec as you would think

    That is true. I have recently fell in love with low tension on fullbed of soft co-poly, in the low 30’s range. It is as comfortable as fullbed of syn gut at mid 50’s on the exact same racquet/same setup
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    yes it is, even more so with the mix of the coloured frame wraps - wished Paul has more grommet colours to choose from lol.
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    Your favourite socks

    i have been using them on the hard court with good insole in the shoe. that has been good for my knees