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    Soft synthetic gut for POG oversize.

    I have not touched the POG since the early 90s.... but I read the Donnay Pro One OS re-issued is quite close to the POG OS. If so, I can suggest Pro’s Pro Syn gut 1.30 - I have used it on both of my Pro One OS re-issues at 59lb and it was a nice feel.
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    Is indoor tennis for sissies?

    Lol - one of the local league matches I did last winter (in January), we had it in one of the local London tennis clubs, it was very cold the day before and on that Saturday morning, the court had a thin layer of snow/icy.... lol By the time we finished our match, the court was about 3/4 cleared...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Thank you. I am excited about this. Been thinking about the box beam, so will see how different to the D beam of the TC95 and TC100 I used to play with. quick q - can’t remember exactly, is TC97 16x19 the one with a dead spot in the upper string bed or the 18x20, and what is the recommended...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    So I finally have a TC97 18x20 coming... should be ready soon to go with the PT57s and 2.0 I have accumulated so far.... lol
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    CAP Grommets Radical tour 18x20 UK supplier

    I have seen their pretty impressive website, but I think they only supply to retailers, coaches and stringers etc. don’t think they’d sell anything to me as a joe public.... lol
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    ****The Official Cap Grommet Club*****

    The black and red TK293 CAP grommet weighs the same at about 28.7g However, for some reason the CAP grommet for the FXP Prestige MP is about 30g
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    Should I put CAP grommets on my gravity?

    Gees... how about my daughter’s 25 inch Head Maria Sharapova edition? That’d look awesome with Fb of blue & purple Syn gut and full CAP.... :-D
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    How to make Pure Strike a bit more arm friendly, and reduce its impact on the elbow

    Prior to the lockdown, I was playing with Gen1 with fullbed of Syn gut at 48/44. I cut it out about every 8 to 10 hours. Have also bumped up the SW and the balance was about 33.5cm. No issues with the arm/shoulder. I am in the mid 40’s. The multi would be a good options, but I would start at...
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    New Dunlop racquet line on the way - FX Force Series

    i hope they either have a new "screwing" system to kept the string washers from the MKI... lol (from what i gathered..)
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    lol - i meant my silly buying spree during the lockdown period.....
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    8-B have "accumulated" these in the last couple of months during the lockdown silly period.... dame PT57 & 2.0 threads... :-D looking to add either a "B" or an "E".... or both.... will see what comes my way :-D
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    Head racquet mod: Do we have to fill all the handle with silicone?

    yep - OP, you can check this one out...
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    Bring back the Donna Pro One Midsize.

    what do you like about this one?
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    Nick Kyrgios Information Gear Thread

    ah - that is nice... they formed a support bubble at his house during the lockdown... how cute :laughing: