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    2 x Pacific X force 295 gr

    Are the rackets still available?
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    Pacific x force pro 1

    Would you take 65 shipped to Greece? Please send pics at
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    FS: 3 Prince Textreme 100P (3/8 grip)

    how much would it be to ship to Greece Thanks
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    watching the wta doubles i couldnt help but noticing the drop on the performance on garcia and mladenovic... what do you guys think about it?
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    FS: 2xHEAD IG Youtek Radical MP

    Hello. Are they still available?
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    Prince EXO3 Warriors, TT Warriors and Aero Pro Drive Junior

    do you still have them? Eail me at euchoulis at gmail com
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    FS: Volkl Organix 10 295 gr (4 3/8)

    whats the cost for the pair shipped to Greece?
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    Various Racquets and Bags

    what is the cost for the 3 wilsons delivered to Greece?
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    FS: Player Frame Blowout All Frames Under $50

    interested what is the total for the three prince rackets shipped to greece? Kind regards
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    Head IG Instinct MP, gripsize 3

    happy to pay 80 shipped to greece. interested?
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    Head Youtek IG Instinct

    happy to pay a bit extra to post to greece
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    FS/FT: Cheap Sticks- Pair Gamma Ipex 7.0 MP's

    hello.would you concider shipping to greece? kind regards/.
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    slazenger tour 295 reviews.

    Hello to all the members of the forum. I recently saw a stick slazenger 295 tour and it looks really interesting specwise. Does anyone know the swingweight of it? I would appreciate any info from anyone also that has tried it. Many thanks in advance.