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    Did anyone else never really feel like Roger could win the match?

    Fed was dominating the match but fell apart in every single tiebreak. His serve was strong but fell apart when it mattered. His groundstrokes were on fire and he was pulling Djokovic all over the court, but they fell apart when he needed them to work. Playing this way works against really...
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    UTR Admits Change In Algorithm—Severely Hampers Ability To Raise Rating

    UTR just destroyed their own system.
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    Is Djokovic now a better grass player than HC player?

    He’s the definitive hard court player between Fed, Nadal, and himself. But his games adapted very well to grass and he’s up there as one of the greatest grass court players of all time.
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    So, what's next?

    What’ll happen now is that because the big 3 will stop caring about tournaments outside slams, we’ll see absolute pigeons win masters. Won’t be surprised if the draw is so weak in Paris that Verdasco vultures it.
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    Is Djokovic now better than Sampras?

    Overall, yes. Wimbledon, not quite.
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    Good job to Federer, but ...

    So you’re telling me Djokovic, a guy who’s after Fed’s slam count and weeks at no. 1 record, has the ability to straight set him, but will give him a set just for ****s and giggles? And maybe the match? I’m not saying we need to restrict these forums more but surely it can prevent threads like...
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    Djokovic is the worst Volleyer and wouldn’t survive on Fast Grass

    Wouldn’t say it’s weird. RBA’s beaten him twice this year, as well as playing quite solid today. He had a fantastic touch today. Very nice drop shots especially near the end of the match. Was also serving quite well in the third and fourth sets.
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    Bautista's chances vs Djokovic as a percentage

    He has a decent chance. He’s got nothing to lose. Djokovic is defending his title. He’s also beaten Djokovic twice this year. I think if anyone’s gonna scalp Djokovic at a slam, it’d be him. But then again, this is Djokovic we’re talking about. Guys peaking at the QF stage again. Just...
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    WTA No. 1 Knocked Out By World No. 89 In Fourth Round? Whatever.

    Lol WTA is know for radical upsets all over the place. Ever since Serena’s dominance stopped there hasn’t been a single stable no. 1. Who have we seen? Muguruza, Halep, Wozniacki, list goes on. Osaka reached the pinnacle and just like the aforementioned failed to stay at no. 1 for a...
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    Should/will Berrettini be fined like Tomic?

    Wimbledon is run by bozos in suits. Not saying Berrettini should get a fine (he shouldn’t) but why fine Tomic? Lack of effort yeah? Right so because Tomic isn’t a fast mover regardless and cuz he has a slow playstyle, that automatically means he’s not trying? Give me a break. Because they...
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    Who has the best forehand in the ATP tour?

    Federer has the greatest forehand of all time. It shouldn’t be a question.
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    Tsonga deserves a fine.

    Only got 7 games off Rafa. Deserves to be fined all of his prize money for not putting in an effort. Embarrassing. Not at a professional level at all. You do have to wonder, if Tomic didn’t have the reputation he has, would he have gotten fined?
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    For Nadal's fans: Most devastating loss in his career?

    Not a Nadal fan by any means but 2012 AO must hurt.
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    Which pro has/had the heaviest strokes?

    Khachanov and Rublev hit very heavy groundstrokes. In contrast to their peer Medvedev. Basilashvili is a good one. Isner, Delpo, and Soderling are all mentioned for good reason. One I saw was Cilic. I don’t think he’s a heavy hitter just really aggressive off anything you give him. Nadal has...
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    Congratulations to Ash Barty, new WTA #1!

    Ash Barty working hard and reaching number 1 in the world with a slam to her name. Typifies true passion and dedication. Meanwhile on the men’s side, Nick and Bernie are the most talented Aussies on tour more focused on money and slandering the games greats. It’s comical at this point.