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    Trying to classify the Laver Cup. What is it really?

    A cheap knockoff of the Ryder Cup. If it was meant to be serious and a real important tournament, they’d consider Russia part of Team World. Then maybe things would be interesting
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    The players actually are trying at the Laver Cup, I can't understand why.

    It’s a team format which is something pretty unique in tennis. Only the ATP Cup and Davis Cup provide a similar feel. You’re not just playing for yourself, your playing for your team/country, so for them it’s a big deal
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    Question to Rafa fans: Which is Nadal's most heartbreaking loss?

    I think it’s still heartbreaking because he made those big changes in his game to combat Novak specifically, and he fought so hard but still couldn’t get it over the line. Yes he improved a lot, but he didn’t get the end product he wanted, + 2012 wasn’t a good year for him despite winning RG.
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    Who’s 2hb looks least like a 2hb?

    Nalbandian is the only player I've seen where his backhand can genuinely look like a left handed forehand if he took his right hand off it. In terms of how the backhand is used, Safin. 2hbh's have always typically been used for more compactness, allowing you to stay in points more, use better...
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    Laver Cup 2021

    Nobody's who are better than Nick Kyrgios currently.
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    Laver Cup 2021

    Kyrgios and Sock are stealing livings. John McEnroe is a criminal for continuing to call them up over players like Seb Korda, Christian Garin, Yoshi Nishioka, etc..
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    Halep/Cahill split

    This made me laugh because it's such a ridiculous thing to suggest and the fact that it may be right.
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    This guy is not likable in any sense of the word. What I will say though, is that the rivalry brewing three-ways between him, Medvedev, and Zverev will be something incredible. Besides Medvedev and Zverev, I fully believe that they all dislike one another off the court. Federer, Nadal, and...
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    Toni Nadal believes that Rafael Nadal will be back on tour at Australia in 2022

    Him and Federer are done after 2022. Djokovic done after 2023.
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    Alex de Minaur seems to be really struggling at the tail end of summer

    I said it when he went to 3 with Nadal at the ATP Cup, he won't amount to anything...
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    djokovic berdych hardcourt h2h

    Berdych is the anti-Djokovic is there was one. Pretty big serve, huge groundstrokes, relies on brutalizing opponents, bad mover, etc… Djokovic capitalized with his good return and his ability to get back almost all of Birdman’s heaters, not to mention he was a massive lock for any point he made...
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    Win% on the worst surface for ATGs

    Pretty much this
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    What kind of player is Zverev really?

    Defensive baseliner with a big first serve and a weak second serve. He’s in the Andy Murray mold, but given his height and the fact he can probably generate more power than Andy could, he really should be an aggressive baseliner like 2011 Djokovic and just bully people with groundstrokes.
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    Medvedev about Big 3 egoism

    We all know this. The Nadal one I think is a lie but Federer for sure only thinks of himself. It’s not even a bad thing, Federer fans are just extremely insecure about it on this thread.