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    Depressed Zverev Fans Check in Here

    This whole year so far has been a complete disaster for Zverev. He’s meant to be breaking out and making his name by claiming a maiden slam and world no.1, surely he has the quality after the WTF Win, beating Fed and Djokovic to claim the title. The AO loss in itself to Raonic isn’t bad, it’s...
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    Professionals Known for NOT Breaking Racquets

    I find it interesting how Venus is always calm and collected on court and never smashes her racquet yet her sister is a ticking time bomb who obliterates her racket every 3 matches.
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    Why UTR is a deeply flawed system.

    One of the biggest flaws in UTR is the lack of play between adults and juniors, which is why the ratings are never reliable and can’t be unified. Many seniors in my area (Columbus) opt to play USTA Adult league rather than do tournaments. It’s cheaper, and you get a lot of match play against...
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    Was Fedberg a mistake?

    No. People don’t realize but Federer was exterminating the field during 14/15 and parts of 16. The one man who stopped him from winning 3 slams in a row (Wimbledon 2015, US Open 2015, and Australian Open 2016), was Djokovic. Murray was pathetically outplayed against Fed (Wimbledon 2015) and the...
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    LostGen Power rankings

    I’m going by their rankings, not by who’s better than who.
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    LostGen Power rankings

    I’m going by age here. What other generation could you lump them into?
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    LostGen Power rankings

    Now that Thiem won IW let’s see how the other LostGen brothers-in-arms stack up. These are the Top 15 LostGen players power rankings! 1. Dominic Thiem (#4) - He’s obviously the best of the bunch, ranked #4 in the world and just won his maiden masters. Still needs to do something in slams...
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    Who has the better forehand: Wawrinka or Edmund?

    Stans forehand is off the charts when it comes to clutchness and winners. Edmunds also got a good one but this goes to Stan
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    Djokovic Kohlschreiber

    Meh, it’s what happens when you waste time doing doubles
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    Is this Zverev's true level?

    Zverev has nothing special in his game. He doesn’t have the blistering groundstrokes of FAA, the insane speed of De Minaur, or even Tsitsipas’ variety. Much less Shapo’s power. He has a grinding style but no real variety or mix up in his game. He’s good for matches againt Djokovic and Nadal...
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    ESPN Sucks “There were several upsets on Day 4 of the combined ATP-WTA event. No. 9 Stefanos Tsitsipas, who lost to Roger Federer in both the Australian Open semifinals and the final in Dubai last weekend, was ousted...
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    Raonic New Coach is Fabrice Santoro

    @Deon Sanders hate of generation useless is unrivaled