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    what do u drive

    Beamer but its crap like its color
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    Holding Two Balls While Serving

    I do it when i practice. Sometimes in matches because its hard for me to put the ball under my skirt.
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    Do you have a long serve rhythm or a short one?

    I have Roddicks rythem.
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    free babolat?

    okay. i figured so. how'd you know?
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    T-Shirt Idea.

    ya but i always hit balls on the line and my opponent call it out. and i yell it was on the line. get it?
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    free babolat?

    saw thread similar to this..i dont think its a sale anyways i dont care if it gets deleted i just wanna know.
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    free babolat?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. SO i found this website, where they are saying you get Andy Roddicks signature racket for free. I was wondering if this is real or a hoax. Cause heck, I may try it...
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    Everything you need to know about Lacoste Sport!!!

    Nice, too bad they don't make roddicks style for girls. I'd love to have a hat like his. Well I bought one on E bay that looked exactly like his, found out when i got it, it was a load of pun intended. Never did get to return it because he lived in UK, 50 bucks. errrr!! Moral of the...
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    Age and gender?

    17 and female
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    hey girlsss need your help

    Thanks for your replys, i'll go check those out right now.
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    hey girlsss need your help

    you've got to be kidding i the only girl here?! lord help us.
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    T-Shirt Idea.

    I like the plain ol' "It was on the line!" oy thats annoying
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    hey girlsss need your help

    So i've looked through the under garments and i'm trying to find some compression shorts that are longer than the ones that i have. I bought the Adidas Women's Tennis Classic Short Tight and they are too short for my skirt and my likeing. So i want some longer ones that go to maybe mid thigh. Or...
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    anyone here on a school tennis team?

    I do. First day of practice is in two weeks and on the first day is when they tell you what team your on and i'm no where near ready.
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    Finally, my new hardcourt! and 5-omni courts resort in the neighborhood (Pic)

    you would love to see my courts. grass and cracks and holes right in the middle.