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    Frustation with Uniqlo and Federer clothing

    Ok, thats cool about Novak henleys. Legit didn't know they existed. But there is something about the bright blue Federer henley
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    Frustation with Uniqlo and Federer clothing

    Haven't seen any Novak Djokovic uniqlo henley's. Any pics? Also, don't see that Tennis Warehouse sells Uniqlo-I could be wrong. Yea, I just dislike the concept of a player exclusive-players wearing clothes is sorta like an ad to me. An ad where the product cannot be purchased.
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    Frustation with Uniqlo and Federer clothing

    not sure what ND polos mean nor what PE items mean
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    Frustation with Uniqlo and Federer clothing

    So you have the Federer laver polo in blue? I don't see it. Those short standing collar polos are the subject of the thread; not some uniqlo djokovic polos that appear plain.
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    Frustation with Uniqlo and Federer clothing

    I just don't understand how they're going to pay Fed 100 million dollars and expect sales to help their lifestyle market
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    Frustation with Uniqlo and Federer clothing

    Yea, I feel like it's the right time to boycott Uniqlo. Most of their clothing appears plain and the only clothing that looks great happens to be tennis wear.
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    Frustation with Uniqlo and Federer clothing

    I was looking at some of the collaborations that Federer and Uniqlo have done and have been obsessed with the short-standing collar. A traditional collared polo has excess bulk and is not as appealing to me as a short collared polo. After looking at some of the 2018 Laver Cup, I've noticed...
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    Federer Cincinnati doubts ?

    Probably a cortisone shot. Not good to keep injecting yourself with it though.
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    Monfils most athletic player ever?!

    He can change direction and I can't say how often he can other than watching a couple of highlight clips, but I don't think changing direction should be a in determining athleticism. Leo Messi can change direction better than anyone due to his low center of gravity correlated with and no one...
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    Let's Talk Some NBA 2014-15!

    It looks they don't need him either way. Tristan Thompson is performing well above expectations.
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    Best Overall Backhand Ever

    I think Wawrinka's technique on the backhand wing is stellar. He could really neutralize the heavy spin forehands of Nadal compared to Federer. Safin's backhand is good but it helps to be as strong as he is. Nalbandian's backhand was the most fluid, efficient backhand I've seen so far...
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    Is it a Fact or an Opinion???

    An exercise in reductionism will lead to a deeper understanding. To break it down, numbers are essentially grouping. 10-10 cats, 10 dogs, 10 liquidmetal prestiges, 10 elephants etc. So the statement "10" is essentially an incomplete element of categorizing needing to be defined and delimited to...
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    College Year= Freshman, Sophomore etc.

    but still, its the feeling of being held back. I just want to know if those feelings are valid or not.