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    Gasquet's Backhand > ______________

    I have never seen a 1 hander like Gasquet's in about 20 years of following professional tennis. It is a magic wand.
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    Topsin Cyber Blue

    Is this true ?
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    Is Federer an all-court player?

    Federer will be considered as a kinda all court player in this era. But in terms of tennis history, Federer will be considered the greatest baseliner of all time. If I want to add one more: Sadly we will never know how good Federer can be at the true all court game in this era because we have...
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    Greatest Belgium player ever- Henin or Clijsters

    Henin maybe is a fantastic athelete. But I always thought she had some controversial moments in terms of sportsmanship. As far as I know, her reputation among players we somewhat questionable.
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    Is Federer an all-court player?

    In 1999-2000ish, when we still had plenty of S&Ver's and all courters on tour, the young Federer definitely looked like a hard core baseliner. I remember when I first saw Federer 1st time on indoor hard court in maybe late 1990's. Still majority of players played S&V's at least for their 1st...
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    Will Federer go on another rampage?

    Probably not. He is apparently concenturating on slams since 2007 or so. We should know by now, non-slam events are merely a tune up oppotunity for Federer now at this point of his career. But I think more interesting question is, IMHO, : Federer just made a quantum leap in his tennis ...
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    Article: Fed best of an era, but not better than Sampras

    I think this could be a factor of the discussion in the future. We will be able to appreciate this generation much better when next decade come along. Current ATP, in a way, went back to pre-Open era when 3 slams were played on the same surface with pretty much same serve and volley style...
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    Greatest mens player of the Open Era

    I think Laver's answer is the best: we wait until Federer's career ends. Then we can appreciate Federer's achievement better. IMHO, if Federer wins a few more slams, ends a few more years at #1, and make a strong showings for successful defeat of youner generations of players such as Nadal...
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    Darren Cahill on Nadal's withdrawal

    There must be some mental let-down from FO loss (or regret that he over-played before FO etc...) But it must be largely physical. Nadal never strikes me as a guy who would shy away from his problem. This is an Olympian who would fight for every huddle. By the way, it is not only Nadal's...
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    Roger Federer 2009 Wimbledon champion!

    This year turns out to be great chance for Federer but also some other young up and comers. Murray should try his best to win his 1st slam this year. Del Potro should try to reduce difference from top 4 guys. Djokovic's great chance to come back and win. In the mean time, for guys like...
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    Who's responsible for Rafa's woes?

    He obviously played too much (since AO win). I think it was the Madrid. Earlier this year, he was negative about playing there. He cited the schedule is too cramped and surface is too different from French Open. Then he changed his mind. My guess is he was pressured to play there somehow. It is...
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    World No.1?

    It is very unclear (at least to me) who is the best player in the world now. Federer's performances at slams, if you look back, have been extremely consistent since 2003 (which is amazing): semi-final or better. So it all depends on how Nadal, Murray and Djokovic will perform this year...
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    Uncle Toni: Nadal in Wimbledon in doubt

    It seems to have affected his backhand much more than his forehand. He should have skipped or tanked Madrid. Somehow I feel like Djokovic is the guy who opened up the draw of French Open and maybe the race for #1.
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    Guess the Men's Finals Chair Umpire

    Mohamad Lahyani, the best umpire I've ever seen since.... that guy with shaved(or bold) guy whose name I can't remember.....
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    FO 2009 SF: [2] Federer vs [5] Del Potro

    Only disadvantage of Federer, I can think of now, is a mental pressure to win matches he is expected to win. Amazingly the pressure is in winning matches against guys who never beat him.....