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    Biomimetic Max 200g grommet alternative?

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    Biomimetic Max 200g grommet alternative?

    Hi, just landed a pair of Bio Max 200g...been one of the racquet that I wanted to try for a very long time. Noticed the grommet is damaged and looked all around but can't find it anywhere. Anyone know of an alternative that will fit it? Thanks
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    How good was the KPS 88?

    Monster of a stick - for 1 game - until I get tired of missing the tiny sweet spot. But when you hit it just right, it feels like buttaaaaaa Once in a while, I would still pull it out and play with it for a couple of games. The thing is, this thing is HEAVY. My tiny muscles are not equip to use...
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    A Backup Racquet

    Tennis can be costly (especially if you are an racquet addict like myself) What I would recommend is to put away $5 a week - a simple $5 - this will give you $20-$25 a month and in 6 months, you can get a new racquet or in 4 months, you can get a used one. Coming up with $150 without planning...
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    Brittany Huang?

    I put my $$ on Brittany...she's got a mean serve
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    Lacoste crocodile dampner for rackets

    It comes with multiple of colors
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    Anyone get picked babolat ambassador the rejection email a couple of days back :(
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    Racquet Damage

    It could be due to the differences in string from your broken string. If your old string is synthetic and new is poly (the popular strings nowaday), it could cause more vibration. also, your old strings had probably lost a lot of tension vs the brand new strung which has very little tension...
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    Babolat Racquet Settlement

    I don't know if I can post this here (Mod, please delete or move to appropriate forum), but there's a Babolat Class Settlement currently happening. Here's some quick info: You are a Settlement Class Member if you purchased for personal use (not for resale) any of the following Babolat tennis...
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    Klippermate stringer for $50 a good idea?

    Bought a Klippermate almost 20 years ago and it's still running strong. Been stringing my own racquet since then also, always happy with the job it does and it gives me some relaxing time stringing my own racquet. A little rust here and clamps needs to be clamped just right, but overall...
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    Plastidip on Tennis frame..!!!

    I would think the scratch would destroy the plastidip on the racquet. It would look nice for a few weeks i guess
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    Does Tenniswarehouse offer stringin services if I ship to them?

    I might be wrong, but I don't think TW does stringing service without a purchase of a racquet. Also, the cost might be too much each time. Remember, you are paying to ship the racquet to TW, cost of the strings, cost of labor and lastly cost of shipping it back to you. Lastly, the time involve...
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    [PROJECT] Matte Black Fischer Pro #1 Pro Stock paintjob

    That's one sexy job you did there. I might do something like this as a winter project. Thanks for the idea
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    TW Trade in program

    who pays for the shipping of the racquet to TW?
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    Andy Samberg becoming tennis icons My fav was the Agassi one