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    Sampras serve with pin point stance

    Agree...Hewitt too.
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    Hats off to Medvedev

    Outstanding tennis
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    Djokovic playing style

    Always thought that when I see his difficult. I think that depends who is his opponent. He focuses on the weakness of his rivals.
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    Babolat Pure Aero o Babolat Pure Drive

    Choose the best looking for you...both are very similar!
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    favorite/least favorite racquet you tried in 2018?

    In my country the 'news' models come half year or a year after the release...Also, my lack of :-D. But this year my favourite is the Blade 2015 18x20 :cool:
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    Cheapest Pro Racket

    Six one on the heavier side. LM Radical MP or Blade 18x20 on the lighter.
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    Juan Ignacio Londero racquet??

    He was a former Kblade 18x20 user on juniors...but now I don´t know...looks like a wider beam than stock blade (could be H22)
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    Heavy and open pattern or less heavy and dense pattern ?

    Any examples of heavy and open? Blade 18x20 (less heavy and dense pattern) is the best on stability and control IMO.
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    18 x 19 racquets

    You can test the 16x19 Blade, has 8 mains in the throat like dense 18x20 patterns, but with a bit more power and spin, could be an easy transition for you. I use it and it's great hitting top spin and flat problems with control! stringing with 1.30mm Poly at 46lbs
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    Burn 95 CV vs Blade 98 (18x20) CV?

    Can you tell me your experiences with it?
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    Current 'Heavier' Racquets with Wide Open String Patterns?

    For me and my experience this is the most important thing, the string density in the center... Blade 98 16x19 has 8 centre mains too, compared to six one 95 16x18 that has 6 mains in the troath, and I noticed a higher bounce in the Six.One, altought is a 95sq.
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    Grip change for serve location

    Variations of shoulders rotation and impact point for serve location