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    Did Prince’s series of different O Ports hurt their ability to have pros endorse one racket while using another?

    The O-Ports were definitely one of the few racquet gimmicks that actually worked, but from what I saw you either swore by them or swore at them with no in-between; I used an O3 Tour for a year or two and just couldn't get used to the feel when I struck the ball. It didn't help that Prince went...
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    Conor = Federer, Khabib = Djokovic

    To be fair, in the early part of his career he was dealing with stuff like bird flu, anthrax, SARS... :laughing:
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    When Roddick Broke All the Serve Speed Records in One Year

    Can't vouch for the accuracy, but while a few players broke Roddick's 155 MPH record I seem to recall hearing somewhere that he still stands as the player that broke the 150+ MPH mark the most times on tour. It sounds believable at any rate, the heat he could bring during his younger years was...
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    Hewitt won Wimbledon and Roddick didn't

    While I agree that peak for peak Hewitt gives Roddick a tough time even on grass (his timing and ability to redirect power essentially means that Roddick's strengths will bite him hard unless used properly) I have to disagree with saying that Hewitt's a better grasscourter on the whole because...
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    Racquets that defy their RA rating? Your take?

    The 2001 Pure Controls I'm swinging have obscenely high listed RA's at 72 but thanks to the static weight (12.3 oz strung) and swingweight of 336 (coupled with a good hybrid setup) my arm doesn't feel any kind of unpleasantness.
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    Roddick is the savage we need these days

    Anecdote; I remember watching either the 2019 AO or the 2018 AO where Kyrgios finished a service game with a 135 MPH ace down the T that left the announcers oohing and aahing, easily his biggest serve of the match. I also remember that it wasn't exactly unhead of for peak Roddick to have...
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    Was Roddick bad at the net?

    Like some posters have stated, he actually had the raw tools for a solid net game; good volleys when set and ready, all-time great overhead, and his approaches generally stayed low-ish and went where he wanted them to go (which unfortunately was cross-court 90% of the time) even if they didn't...
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    Roddick's best match?

    I'm partial to the 2004 USO match he had with Nadal as a contrast to the posters that sent up their Davis Cup encounter and the 2011 USO demolition. To set the stage; Nadal had won his very first title earlier that year and served notice to the tennis world at large by beating world no. 1...
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    Bridgestone X Blade rackets

    I went to Japan in October 2018 and came back with the X-Blade 315 from 2011 (weighted up match the specs of my 2001 Pure Control) and honestly it just felt like a nice, solid stick. Nothing remarkable (besides the really nice PJ) but in a good way; I didn't want for anything. Maybe a bit more...
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    Thoughts on Dustin Brown?

    A dangerous floater with an interesting playstyle and impressive feel and touch at the net combined with the ability to drill the ball off the ground every so often and keep it in for stretches. Looked like an all time front-court great when he was on and an absolutely hapless lost cause when...
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    People asking Wilson Tennis to re-release Pro Staff 90 on Instagram

    My buddy's a big Fed fan so I got to try three of the PS90's through him; I liked the original Tour 90 and I liked the K90. I wound up not gelling at all with the N90, and I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual; shame, it was a good looking stick.
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    Roddick Tennis IQ

    The mental strength part was more to point out that Blake's shortcomings in that department far, far overshadowed his slight advantages in pure athleticism. Speaking of which, I do fully agree that raw athleticism is indeed inborn, and considering Roddick was 6'2 with a solid wing span, a...
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    Roddick Tennis IQ

    So you're arguing he was marginal compared to the top ten/his contemporaries, then? I'll happily concede he was below the Big Four at any given time (and Ferrer) but besides that it gets dicey. Looking at those three you mentioned alone, pre-illness Ferrero had superior speed and endurance but...
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    Roddick Tennis IQ

    Well yeah, Federer's a class above Roddick in terms of athleticism. That's inarguable. That said, saying that Roddick has 'marginal athleticism' because of that is ludicrous; Federer's physical gifts, though not as obvious to the eyes as say, Nadal's, were always well above the rest of the...
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    Roddick Tennis IQ

    Two ways to answer this. If you're asking who he was more similar to in terms of natural build and athletic foundation, then Fish. They both played standard American sports (baseball, basketball, etc) growing up whereas Federer played soccer, so it makes sense that the latter's skill-set...