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    Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Knit

    Are they flyknits still scheduled for release on 6/26? A competitor said they've "been delayed until further notice." Thank you.
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    Dear Nike,

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    Dear Nike,

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    Dear Nike,

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    (If I were to) Design a Tennis Tshirt

    Made these for my team, Serve & Folley.
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    How good do you have to be to get your own Logo? Vamos!

    Logo we use for our team, Serve and Folley:
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    New Tennis Ratings Site

    Does anyone have an email for an admin at The site keeps a running dynamic rating but doesn't break it up by season.
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    Australian open is actually very boring without Murray and Djokovic

    Watching Djokovic play is like watching paint dry on a house if Andy Murray painted it.