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    Djoker's Racket

    No way is 27.5 as usual dr 325i is correct
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    Ultra 95 CV Information

    Looks like gloss paint which is nice
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    Djoker's Racket

    If only the head losers created a solid frame like Novak's . I think the new frame has really helped him too . More spin. Helped his serve . And gave him confidence when he was hitting without pain again . He looks unstoppable
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    Karen Khachanov specs

    Yes you're right above It looks like the frame he was showing Novak and Borja was a head frame Maybe head made an offer Novak told him when he switched from Wilson it took 1.5 years and he lost so much time This was in 08 09 when he changed and Novak mentions it
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    Is it time for racquet companies to sell their magical pro stocks to the retail public?

    There is no way Novak makes his running backhand defense shots with a retail speed . It just hasn't got the solid repsonse to do it ...
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    Francis Tiafoe's racquet

    Full bed ?
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    Francis Tiafoe's racquet

    Does anyone know his latest strings set up ?
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    Djokovic gone down in my estimate after this behaviour

    Which match was this and at what point in the match games and point so I can watch it
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    Grigor agassi and losing hair

    Grigor working with agassi interesting He looks older has shaved his hair and has had hair loss What the hell has happened to him
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    Novak Djokovic's actual racquet

    It doesn't look 27.5 looks slightly longer but not 27.5 . That is a big change for a pro . It looks like 2.7.2 or 27.25 ... But only will know if Somone gets their hands on it
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    Novak Djokovic's actual racquet

    Ha interesting I have still the speed 315 brand new . Excellent paintjob I have two custom heads in xt paintjob When will you be getting the new pt113b dr325 with extended length ?
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    The guy next to Valida all week In Shanghai

    What's his name pls He was wearing a yellow shirt in the final yellow Lacoste t shirt that is ?
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    Novak Djokovic's actual racquet

    I do have a flexpoint radical MP which I believe people are referring to Wonder how much it wouldn't sell for as a replica Wonder if I should try to repaint it as glossy head . Which of Novak's frame do you think had the best paint job He uses glossy paint but which one is the best paint...
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    Novak Djokovic's actual racquet

    The mould yes . Head should release his frame when he retires
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    Novak Djokovic's actual racquet

    Ok so tennisnerd is testing the pre 2018 racquet from what im seeing the alteration Novak has made the string pattern and the slight extended length has made a massive impact I'm not 100% he had the full length racquet in Indian Wells etc but reviews of his new frame if anyone can get hold of...