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    Pro One vs Prestige

    i would have to agree with you on that, but in terms of specs, i guess thats what DK was asking (haha, DK... :p). i find my redondo mp has much more power than my ps tour 90, and its power rating is in the 1700's, while the ps' is in the 1900's.
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    Full poly in 18 by 20

    yup, it comes in 16 and 17. i use the 16g though :)
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    Calling all Highschool players!

    ok ill come clean, yes i am :) i wonder how many other people figured that out. but i'll bet you didnt until i mentioned a head fxp 4 and yonex rds 001 mp, in succession, right? ;)
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    this or that

    rain iPod or mp3 phone? ;)
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    Calling all Highschool players!

    3.5-4 i think, but it was only my second racket after using an OS frame (head fxp 4). i think it would be a good beginning player's racket. the stiffness is there, yes, but by no means does it cause arm problems like say a PD. i remember when it came out, there were lots of people with arm...
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    K90, NOT the best for me!

    why lead up a frame you dont like and try and force yourself to like it? sorry im missing the logic here... :confused:
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    Calling all Highschool players!

    one other thing, just because everyone else uses a baseline game, does that mean you have to? definitely not :p infact, you'd probably be better than them if you have an all court game or throw in a s&v once in a while. definitely get a good racket for doubles, but that doesnt mean you should...
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    Calling all Highschool players!

    thats a myth. it will make you screw up your technique even more by using a frame that is too heavy and underpowered for you. our high school season is over where i live, and during it, i was using my rds OO1 mp. now im using a redondo mp. but i still say to you to get the rds OO1 mp. its...
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    Full poly in 18 by 20

    i dont break strings at all (i am sensetive to tension though), and i use a full cyberflash job in my redondo mp. its is the best stringjob i have ever played with to be honest. i havent tried too many, but i have tried a full gosen sheep job, SPPP mains/gosen crosses, prince polylon (? the...
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    Anyone ever replaced their stock leather grip with a synthetic one?

    i used to use tons of overgrips (supergrap and wilson pro) over synthetic replacement grips. i then tried a leather grip that came with a frame i was using, and never looked back after that. now i cant play WITHOUT a leather grip ;) btw, if anyone has any extra leather grips they dont need, you...
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    How often do you..

    lol i am too actually... but i do it once every 5-7 days. i also wax my legs... haha jk :D
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    Word Association!!

    sucks :D.... (i actually hate that song to hell, lol)
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    your celebrity look a likes (pics/link inside)

    hahaha, for yours, it says one of them is Mariah Carey ;) 63% lol i found that funny scez :)
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    Word Association!!