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    When will the klip legend natural gut 16 be back in stock?

    Help me out guys
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    Did you guys see the new y3 line for RG?

    I saw the line its on and its zebra stripes but what are the adidas adizero y3 shoes zebra striped and with red which model are those thnx
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    new shoes, can't decide

    imo lunars were very narrow i was using vapor 9.5s till now but have switched to ubersonics because more comfort and more durability
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    Which Frames Pros Are Actually Using - a list?

    doesn't he use the regular retail version but customized ?
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    Barricade 2016 boost vs vapor 9.5

    Ok guys i decided on adidas ubersonic they are pretty comfy and i think they will last better than vapors so I've ordered the white pink ones that jack sock was wearing thanks for the advice though
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    Barricade 2016 boost vs vapor 9.5

    Hi guys will the barricade offer more durability and equally good comfort and how do they fit please i would like to know because those new barricades look nice and i love BOOST, Thanks
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    New Nike Wristbands

    no the purple and black diagonal ones
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    New Nike Wristbands

    they are pretty terrible they soak up and get heavy way worse than the premiers
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    Nike Spring 2016

    those actually are 2.3 because of the squares
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    Adidas Tennis Energy Boost

    Guys i might buy these but the toe jamming issue is it fixed with a bigger size shoe?
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    Andy Murray shoes??

    i LOVED these
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    How tall and big are

    How tall and big are