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  • Ha ha cheers RG. That must take a lot for you to wish Murray luck. Good on you
    Ah but entertaining in an original way. Ofcourse you don't like him because you two were butting heads at opposite ends of the Murray spectrum.

    Murray played better then I ever thought he could on clay I have to admit, good luck to him at Wimbledon/Queens but not too much.
    I never understand why there is so much hate for Nadal?
    He's such a likeable person and such a great athlete.
    I really like Nadal and was rooting for him today but just can't stank Djokovic much as I try to like him. Strange. I can also understand why people don't like Murray. he annoys me too sometimes but I'm Scottish and you know we've never had any good players ever. Cheers.
    Hey Fedex, I'm sorry, I really like Djokovic. No bandwagon for me. (Nothing against England, just personal preference)
    You must be happy though, Murray is having a tremendous clay season, better than Nadal, isn't that incredible? I think he'll have his chance on Friday (even though I'll keep cheering for Novak...) No hard feelings I hope
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