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    Post Pics of your Pet(s)!!!

    heres my dog
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    Air Oscillate fit

    how do the air oscillates fit in the forefoot? are they narrow or towards the wider side? thanks
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    Most Disturbing Movie...

    saving private ryan has to be up there becuase its a true story, also scheindler's list
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    Coria back to pog?

    Top seed Guillermo Coria (pictured) wrapped up a quick first round match Wednesday with a 6-2, 6-4 win over Spaniard Alberto Martin. The Argentine, who currently sits in 6th position in the INDESIT ATP 2005 Race, won the tournament in 2003 and remains undefeated in Basel. Coria next meets...
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    Ncode Tour 90

    none of you could tell teh difference between the ncode 6.1 90 or the tour 90 if they were painted the same as a random racquet.probaly the ps 6.0 85 also if it werent for the throat
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    Who are the TOP 4 in Tennis Mag Greatest List?

    5. pogo 4. Marius_Hancu 3. johnnyf 2. doriancito 1. raul
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    Smartest Player at Constructing a point

    nalbandian deserves some credit
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    Your favourite signature shots of all time

    i voted sampras overhead but i would vote for federer's on the run bh crosscourt angle passing shot
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    Gasquet's racquet, XL or not???

    thanks! i dont think you like ! enough!
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    2012 olympics

    thanks guys, i knew it was london and that moscow and new york were in there. just checking its for some hw thing
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    2012 olympics

    does anyone know the 5 cities that were seeking the 2012 olympics? also which one got it?
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    Anyone know how much money Roddick made in the US Open?

    how much does mojo cost? maybe he needs a gf like blakes for some mojo?
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    Faster forehand?

    hows this? oh by the way you can not hit a fh 100mph
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    Poll: What racquet weight do you use?

    mine are 365, 315 balance