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    Should Naomi Osaka pull a Marshawn Lynch at press conferences?

    Her BLM protests last year certainly caught some attention, especially one point I remember where she was going to pull out of a match (semi or final) until the tournament finally agreed to push back the match by a day to recognize/honor the cause. Ultimately it's just one athlete, even if it...
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    Should Naomi Osaka pull a Marshawn Lynch at press conferences?

    Few people tune into the conferences, yes, but what they do say in the conferences inevitably finds itself in front page headlines of tennis news websites. Fans want to hear from the players, which we do from both their own prepared statements to the media from their agents, as well as in...
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    Should Naomi Osaka pull a Marshawn Lynch at press conferences?

    My sincerest utmost apologies. In doing extensive research prior to posting my thread, I only reviewed the first 137 posts of that particular thread. Had I been more meticulous, I would have seen that post #138 which linked to the video. I should ensure that I meticulously read every single word...
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    Should Naomi Osaka pull a Marshawn Lynch at press conferences?

    Hi there. I didn't get this thread idea from someone else's TTW thread. I've read the same news articles everyone is reading, saw Lynch's video, and put this together on my own.
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    Should Naomi Osaka pull a Marshawn Lynch at press conferences?

    As far as I see from the ITF rulebook, this would be allowed. There's no formal rule stating that they have to respond to the questions. "Unless injured and physically unable to appear, a player or team must attend the post-match media conference(s) organised immediately or within thirty (30)...
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    Should Naomi Osaka pull a Marshawn Lynch at press conferences?

    Can you imagine for a second if someone has been diagnosed with depression or mental illness, and they're told this by a mental health professional when they go to see them in a clinic? It's sounds very callous and cruelly disregards people[s mental health. I don't agree with Osaka skipping...
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    Should Naomi Osaka pull a Marshawn Lynch at press conferences?

    In recent news, the French Federation is threatening to expel Osaka from the French Open if she continues to skip press conferences. They've also done with a show of force by having all the other grand slam tournament chairs join their call for her to stop this. I'm intrigued to see what she...
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    Some facts about Nadal

    I think it says a lot when Federer has played so many more Slams than Rafa but has only missed 1 b/c of injury. That's not entirely luck of the draw either. That's a direct reflection of how smart they are with their physio, prepration, style of play, scheduling.
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    Some facts about Nadal

    Rafa has won 16 grand slams because of the intense physical style of tennis he exhibits. It's that exact same style that is the reason he frequently gets injured and has missed so many slams. To state that he should be considered better than Federer b/c he would have won those slams if he...
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    Most likely to win WTF this year?

    Djoker, Murray, and Stan are all out this year. Seems to me like this is the perfect window of opportunity that Rafa needs to secure his first WTF, especially given his phenomenal year and performance on hardcourts. Or will Roger continue his 4 match winning streak against Nadal and deny him...
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    Could 2015/2016 Djokovic beat 2017 Nadal at FO?

    Clearly if Djokovic had ran into Nadal this year it would have been a beatdown. 2015 Djokovic rolled through Nadal in straight sets at 2015 FO. 2016 Djokovic also easily won the FO without much resistance. Could either of these have handled Nadal at 2017 FO? Or would it have just been like 2014...
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    "it was decided in 1st set" -Losing a Tiebreaker in Grand Slam Quarterfinal/Semifinal/Final - Big 3

    Djokovic is more mentally fragile now than he used to be the past few years. It's easy for anyone to carry on with the momentum of winning the first set or two, but it takes a true champion mentality to regroup against a top player deep in a grand slam. Remember two years ago when he lost the...
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    If you could have chosen one match in history to watch in person..

    Which would it be? Maybe you won some sweepstakes to attend and get front row seats, or a friend randomly message you saying they had an extra ticket. Honestly, I would have loved to watch the AO '17 Final in person. The quality was phenomenal and though as a Fed fan I would have been super...
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    What tennis websites/blogs do you read daily?

    I usually do ESPN Tennis,, sometimes Brian Phillips' articles. I've been looking to find any other websites that have interesting perspectives/blogs and was curious as to what everyone else here uses?