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    Favorite radical?

    YT IG Radical MP
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    Nadal's grip is so small, there is hardly space between fingers

    Do you feel you are losing any stability? I always put more spin on the ball with 1/4 but feel I don't have a strong grip on the racket and lose in stability. With 1/2 I have little spin but tons of stability. 3/8 is the sweetspot.
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    Balance Board

    I want one as well! TW team make it happen please!
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    Forehand Slices are a Dying Art

    Definitely underrated. I use forehand slice and drive with side spin relatively often and come to the net. Most people don't know what to do with this kind of ball on their BH.
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    "Best" tennis bag (6-9raqs)

    What is the consensus on the Wilson Vancuver bag? How do people like it? It looks really good (imo) but is it well made?
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    The Cult of PT57

    Which one is the lightest (reasonably priced) pt57 variance? I tried the PT630 and RT (bumblebee) and found them too heavy for my swing style.
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    Reasonable swingweight?

    I am surprised nobody has mentioned that the size/weight/physique of the player plays a huge role. I (4.5/ 5.9'/180 lbs) had trouble hitting any decent serves with the IG Prestige MP whereas my hitting partner that is 4.5, 6.4 and 210 lbs serves bombs with it.
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    Racket to replace Green Blx Blades

    I doubt that 4 rackets will break down in 4 years (even if it's everyday college level hitting) but that's not the question asked and it's a whole different discussion. Regarding feel, I don't think you will find something that is soft yet crispy like the Blade. And I am saying that being...
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    Racket to replace Green Blx Blades

    Are you referring to the 2015 Blade? If yes, why does he want to change them? What is he looking to add that the Blade is missing?
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    Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro

    I believe you misread my initial post.:giggle: I said "No power, plow or stability issues in stock form ". The NO refers to issues therefore I didn't see any issues with power, plow or stability. I didn't say you said there was no power! Regarding my experience with it, yes I do own both Speed...
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    Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro

    The G360 Speed Pro for its weight has none of the issues you described. No power, plow or stability issues in stock form. Adding weight obviously will give some extra power and stability but that doesn't mean that in stock form it lacks in either. One of the best racquets Head has produced lately.
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    Why is Federer so hard to put away?

    Talent, experience and point management.
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    FS - Pro Kennex Ki Q+5 Pro, 4 3/8, Mint condition

    The correct price for the racket is $115 shipping included, not $150 as I have listed by mistake.