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    Practice hitter

    One of the clubs I worked at had 2 tennis pro's and a third slot with a revolving pro usually a new hire to the company as they bounced around different locales. The third pro would usually be the hitting partner. Never really any coaching maybe feedback if you asked for it. Would cost about 2/3...
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    How Many Racquets Do You Bring To A Match And Are They Identical?

    I have four racquets that I always have in my bag, I do rotate them for even wear on the strings. I had all of them matched a few years ago, but seeing as how I use a discontinued racquet I may need to grab a few more as they become available on third party selling sites. All with poly in them...
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    Shoes for gray courts

    While a different type of clay court it is still a clay court you will be fine. And in fact I have seen that some hard-tru facilities actually require clay court soles. So that should help sort this out for you.
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    It’s time we stop bashing “pushers”

    I can not even believe I am about to type this ... as long as the pusher enjoys there tennis and is finding good results with their method I don't see how I can knock it. Now to be clear I absolutely hate playing against them and it isnt fun. But if I lose to a pusher I see that as a me problem...
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    USTA reorganizing resulting in staff cuts and office closure

    Seems to be the move big companies are taking in these times. To some point I get it, just curious how that plays itself as USTA players and such. And to be honest USTA once thriving in my area is really soured. With the NorCal tax thing and alot of the clubs not letting outsiders in as apart...
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    Delpo’s Air Max Cage

    I absolutely loved the Air Max Cage, it was in fact my first legit tennis shoes after I picked up tennis. The Air Zoom cage was okay, but was a bit narrow. And the new Air Max Wildcard with similar tooling as the Air Max Cage from reviews is also likely a bit too narrow for me. Which sucks. In...
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    tennis bag on bench?!?!

    People are too worried about there bags is what I gathered from this thread. And for clarity I didnt go through all ten pages, cause I have a life. But while I have a nice bag (even if it is a little to big) I dont care if its on the ground or not. If it gets dirty or not. Cause at worse a...
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    Women vs Men Video Recording

    I think a large part of it is people are disconnected from what they THINK they look like when they play verses what they actually look like when they play. Another is we are spoiled by professional tennis being on tv. So there is some level of expectation there. And not that everyones strokes...
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    USTA Subsidizing Dues for Certified Teaching Pros.

    I think its funny telling someone else what they do and dont spend and what their job does and doesnt entail. Seen alot of this in my personal social media feeds and not terribly surprised to see that here as well. This isnt too dissimilar as when I was a personal trainer (a different body ago...
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    Post a picture of your favorite player in his coolest outfit.

    Some of my favs: Marat Safin- love the 1/4 zips he used to wear Juan Martin Del Potro- an amazing picture, and easily the best look for this kit that year Roger Federer- love this looks before everything was monochromatic and super matchy matchy.
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    Andy Murray & Asics?

    Looks like he is working on core and hip rotations strength. While also working the shoulder girdle shoulder in maintaining resistance against the cable he has behind his back. Further if his physio is holding tension on that cable behind his back and it looks like he is than he is also working...
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    RF97 Autograph for 2021[emoji1]

    Seems there would only a new one if there were a Laver Cup and with this years event cancelled we may have to wait till next year for a new colorway. I dont see Federer changing out of the all black paintjob anytime soon. Especially how much her didnt like the black/white one. I am curious what...
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    Best Wilson spin effect racquet?

    Pro Staff 95s; but string it 4-6 pounds tighter than normal.
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    When The Captain Dumps You

    I have been left off a team before and at other times sworn to secrecy about other teams. Where I live there are 8-10 facilities that a team could come from and a third of those are all apart of the same fitness chain. So what has happened at various times is that there have been super teams or...
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    Last match you played?

    7.5 Combo in early November. I am not sure I will even remember how to play tennis if I dont get out and hit soon.