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    2019 blade

    I would buy it in any paint if they’d take away the Countervail and made it at least 4 points HL strung.
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    How do I start poaching?

    Trusting or knowing your partners General game plan when they’re serving helps. Make sure they know when your poaching so they can cover the dtl if it goes their and as someone said once you cross play it straight up don’t cross back and expect the ball!!!!!!
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    Discussion of Forehand Slice for Strategic Applications

    I use it in singles, as a return against hard server. Can use their pace against them just have to have the timing and racquet face where you want. Also works well on wrong footing or hitting behind the opponent usually to their backhand side and even more so if they themselves don’t have a good...
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    Started from the bottom now we're here.

    1. Men's or women's league. Men’s, though I have always played mixed and combo and am now mixing in singles tourneys. 2. What year did you start playing and how old were you. Started in 2014, got into a combo league after only a few months of actual playing. I was 24. After injuries from...
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    Fed's Mint Green Miami Outfit

    Sadly this look included some black shorts or a black shirt and you’d get a similar effect. I know this is terrible and I am extremely biased. But I do follow the same concept in my own on court outfits. Also why I despise matching my partner (mostly a request I get in MXD).
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    Fed's Mint Green Miami Outfit

    Wish the shorts were navy. But than again with Uniqlo fed likely gets whatever colors he wants. So to have this as a color or a call back to past kits of his isn’t surprising. What is a bit shocking is that he hasn’t signed a footwear deal yet it seems unless I’ve missed it. And to that end...
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    How to Enjoy the Competition of the League Matches?

    I most definitely have experience all of that and than some. In fact just yesterday was my first match in a year though I did play a few tourneys in the summer. I was nervous a ton of anxiety to just get it started. It always helps to start quick and get a break early. Save for that just...
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    Anyone Else Love Playing Doubles?

    I started tennis playing exclusively doubles I have moved to singles primarily in the spring season and than doubles for mixed and combo ... and I have to say I often am surprised how much I miss doubles. Alot of the reasons OP listed save for strategy or set plays. Though I would love it, my...
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    The Video Analysis/Online Coaching Thread

    No video but I had a match yesterday NorCal has an 18-39 league over winter early spring. It’s a line of mixed dub a line of women’s dubs and a line of men’s dubs. Anyways I promised myself I would not revert back this was the first time putting my new serve to match play. I was playing the 7.4...
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    Azarenka unsponsored with rackets again?

    Well she has had a tough battle for custody of her child and being able to bring him on tour if that is what you’re alluding too. I would say considering she’s had to have one mind on that and being a mom and another on her tennis no doubt it’ll be a tougher transition. And within that whole...
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    Dimitrov new racquet?

    I always thought his 93 was a little boxier through the PWS that almost looks more roundish. Than again paint and light don’t help much.
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    Don't You Wish They'd Bring Back The Bag?

    I totally get wanting the look of the years past. But bemoaning it as some way of making men less manly and corporate companies saving pennies with less material. It’s performance based. When sport specific seam and fit mapping took hold there was no going back. Properly aligned seams took out...
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    Dimitrov new racquet?

    Maybe I can’t count but 18/17? Old 97s? Wish he would make a change and stick to it. Not sure what HE feels is missing from his racquet but solve that and don’t look back. Suck for the year it’ll take to trust the racquet as Fed did more or less and never look back.
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    The Video Analysis/Online Coaching Thread

    And I have heard that before too. But as slowly load, load, explode up and into the court. Which just like slow, slow, quick is such a simple concept but dang it if it isn’t hard to accomplish.
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    The Video Analysis/Online Coaching Thread

    Thank you for the compliment. I think a lot of the good aspects of my serve have to come with just being athletic, even if I am fatter than I was while playing basketball what feels like decades ago (in reality was just 8 years ago). But as I have said as level increases can’t just rely upon...