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    The Last Word on "Equal" Pay

    Straight sets for men is 3. Straight sets for women is 2. The hurdles that men are required to jump through to achieve the same pay as women are greater. Therefore, not equal. You can stop doing backflips to try and justify yet another sexist feminist cause.
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    Novak Djokovic is the sexiest, most handsome, most perfectly built, hottest tennis player to ever grace the earth

    Lol eww Novak looks like a bobble head, let’s be honest here
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    Alcaraz out of Davis Cup Finals due to Covid

    Funny, seeing as DeMinaur is likely vaccinated lol Let’s just avoid that fact though, hey?
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    More impressive: Fed's 5 in a row at Wimb or Fed's 5 in a row at the USO

    If he’d served out the set, he would’ve won no question. He gave Delpo a sniff and that was all he needed. Fed even should’ve won the fourth, but in the third already he was being pushed around. Before that screwed service game, he was largely dictating play.
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    Peng Shuai: Speak Up Tennis Community

    Oof yes I’ll grab the popcorn
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    Peng Shuai: Speak Up Tennis Community

    I’ll also say what I said on the last thread: Anyone who defends the CCP (or any authoritarian regime) can shove it. Authoritarianism is a direct threat to a free society.
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    Peng Shuai: Speak Up Tennis Community

    I hope to be proven wrong, but it seems like Fed and Nadal are too tied up in sponsorships that are linked with the Chinese to actually say something. Just look at the way it’s all a huge PR stunt when they travel to play in Shanghai. Big labels like Mercedes and Rolex (major sponsors of the...
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    Peng Shuai missing after accusing official of assault

    Things are coming to a head with China, one way or another. I think the WTA would do well to suspend all tournaments there in the meantime (as well as the ATP), since the CCP is now an active threat to the players’ welfare should they say something even slightly critical. Someone needs to make...
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    Rafa to play the Australian open 2022.

    lol not gonna happen at AO
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    Anyone else excited for the AO?

    In a way, yes. I hope Melbourne loses it and Daniel Andrews suffers politically.
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    aus open: who should host it if not Melbourne?

    Melbourne deserves to lose it Daniel Andrews is completely insane and needs some consequences. I hope we lose the Grand Prix as well.
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    Federer News

    She didn’t need it Everyone that gets work done ends up looking super plastic.
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    Are you ready to witness the death of tennis? Cause it's coming.

    Agreed. I don’t even watch it anymore. I just play it.