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    Ask The Hitman

    Wow, thanks for sharing your amazing knowledge! I appreciate your kindness to respond to each poster's questions/concerns. How many calories approximately, would you recommend for a: 173 cm, 26 year old male, who has a low active or sedentary level and is looking to drop from 168 to 145 lbs...
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    Ask The Hitman

    First of all, Thank you Hitman for taking the time to answer all our questions. Can you increase your TDEE by reverse dieting well over your previous range? I have seen women claim to eat 3000+ calories a day and maintain their weight and even cut at that caloric intake! Therefore, can a man...
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    Djokovic will be the Goat at the end of this era!

    He may very well end up with the most GS of his era. That would be an amazing achievement considering that majority of the tennis world viewed him as a third-wheel to Fed and Nadal for all of those years. Full credit to Novak for breaking the duopoly and making tennis more interesting. Fed is...
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    Was... Was that Ultron in USO2018 finals?

    It's amazing how quickly things can change in even one season. He was hitting such weak and awkward shots during the AO and the clay season and his FH was barely making it to the middle of the back court in some of those matches. Then at Wimbledon, he was getting closer to his best form but...
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    2018 US Open F - JM Del Potro (3) vs Novak Djokovic (6)

    There's the break! That should almost seal the deal. Djokovic is back and that's bad news for everyone else. Lol, this guy is playing some beastly tennis. He should be number 1 within a few months. Congrats!
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    2018 US Open F - JM Del Potro (3) vs Novak Djokovic (6)

    Djokovic is having an amazing comeback! Glad to see him back contending and winning the biggest titles in the game. Match is not over though but just one more set and he would have won two slams in a row. He could go on another tear and win even more majors next year (i.e. 2+). Go Novak!
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    Federer is a SAINT!!!!!!

    Lol! Got to love the Nadal fans on TTW when they try to compare Fed's on court behavior during his career, with Serena's. This is ridiculous. Fed has followed the on-court rules way more frequently that Nadal or Serena have, over their respective careers. Fed takes his losses and on court and...
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    How big is todays final for Djokovic?

    Novak still has a small chance to get near Roger if: He wins this USO final Maintains the high form into next year and wins 2 majors next year Nadal remains injured and does not display the form he had in 2017 and 2018 Fed continues to spiral downward The next generation continues to...
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    Serena Williams

    Nope. Osaka just had too much game and was super clutch today.
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    Serena Williams

    Who cares about their biased opinions? Roddick and the rest of the WTA (minus Sharapova) are all Serena fans. Serena lost fair and square and that's the end of the matter. Naomi won and made history. Congrats to her. Let's move on and look towards Novak vs. Delpo.
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    Naomi Osaka in One Word

    Thanks! You have the most beautiful avatar on this board (Ana). Can't wait for the men's final.
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    Naomi Osaka in One Word

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    Serena Williams

    At the end of the day, Naomi won and deservedly so. Hopefully, she wins many more slams in the upcoming years.
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    2018 USO Womens Final : ThisMama Serena Williams vs Japanese Queen Naomi Osaka

    Need someone like her desperately in the mens' game.