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    Any Free Windows Virus Removal Programs?

    I got a horrid virus a few years ago that mimicked Avira (which was a dead give away because I was using AVG at the time) and shut down all my virus protection software. Used my other computer to get instructions on removal and was able to clean it up using free programs. 1. Instal rKill...
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    Annual Middle Sunday Thread

    And the childish sexism. (I appreciate many of your posts in H&F, very informative). Middle Sunday off is because of an old agreement with the residents of Wimbledon village that they get a day of peace from the traffic and crowds. They also have an 11 pm curfew now, apparently, that limits...
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    Roddick in Asics

    It's just the shoes, he's still wearing Travis Matthew clothes (or whatever the TM stands for).
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    Glucosamine Supplement?

    It was "Big Pharma" that stopped the regulations, because every big pharma company has money invested in those small looking natural food supplements companies. They aren't stupid, they saw that trend developing over 20 years ago and they all jumped on to it. Cash cow. I would like a law that...
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    Glucosamine Supplement?

    If you are going to take supplements in the US, then spend the money on a subscription to and at least get the best and purest pills you can buy. In the US, the laws for 'food supplements' are so lax that your 1500 mg pill doesn't actually have to be 1500 mg. This is part of...
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    Sweeting Marries Kaley Cuoco on New Year eve

    Ryan wasn't really part of the Bryans' generation or cohort, he's younger than them by a decade or so. He's more like Querrey's generation. Didn't he have back surgery? Isn't that why he hasn't been playing much this year?
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    Doha 2014 live game thread

    BeIN Sports channel shows match highlights for a few hours each evening as well, check local listings for times.
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    Doha airing on Tennis Channel in USA?

    Yeah, their website faq says it means Be INspired, Be Involved and such. Whatever. ;)
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    Doha airing on Tennis Channel in USA?

    You're welcome. I'm a woman. Livestream here: Al Jazeera Sport is the host broadcaster for this event. BeIN sports carries a lot of soccer/football and I suspect that they have an ongoing deal with Al Jazeera sport and that is why BeIN is showing...
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    Doha 2014 live game thread

    Me, not some folks. ;) You're welcome. Enjoy Jan-Michael's in studio analysis between matches.
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    Doha 2014 live game thread

    Are you in the US? It's on BeIn sports channel: or stream it here:
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    is coco Vandeweghe fat or strong

    You mean up until a week before the USO when he stopped coaching her? Who are her father and grandfather? I only know of her Uncle, Kiki, and her mother, who was also an athlete.
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    Doha airing on Tennis Channel in USA?

    Doha is actually being shown on the BeIN sports network, which is actually available on most major systems. You can find out if you have it here: Doha is on early in the morning, about 7 am Eastern time. Stays on until the matches have finished.
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    CBS Blackout

    try and turn your virus protection up to HIGH! Might have to turn off ad blockers, popup blockers for it to load properly. In the Los Angeles area, TWC has put Tennis Channel on Channel 9 for the duration of the open.
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    Ashely Judd

    Unreal. You have no idea what either of those two people are like in real life, so why would you hold them up as an example of anything that pertains directly to you? The superficial image that they presented to the public is not an indication of their reality either. Perhaps it's time for you...