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    2021 Yonex VCore 95

    I went from an EZT to V95 as well. the EZT was a great racket but gave me some arm issues. The V95 is a great racket, solid from all over the court. Power and spin a plenty, stable and easier to maneuver compared to EZT. EZT's string bed is a bit more forgiving (98 and all) but V95 is not harsh...
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    Yonex E Zone tour and arm problems!

    holy Molly...I thought it was just me with the EZT. Had it for about 4 months and love playing with it. Luv it even more than my EZDR but in early Feb I started feeling it on my forearm and still recovering. I'm not sure if its tennis elbow or not since I don't feel the pain in my elbow more on...
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    Players that don't bring balls to the court.

    I'm still around...yes, I still got no opening ball syndrome
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    Re: Alexandra Stevenson

    lazy and out of shape. she's not dedicated in playing at the highest level
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    NRG: New Racket Day (Yonex RDiS 100 Mid)

    I bought a couple RDiS 100 mid to replace my RQis 95 tour, RDiS is a much better all-around racket. Glad I made the switch. PS. I recently strung this awesome stick with gamma fusion 19, all I have to say is it's ridiculous. The spin, bite and power is pretty amazing.
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    So, you think a D1 male can beat up on the WTA?

    I was there watching JJ practice with Brad. On the ground they were pretty equal but with the serve Brad would win most of his serving points. I recall JJ's coach asked Brad to only serve 2nd serves so she can get into the point. This video shows nothing
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    Gaucho Natural Gut String Review (photos included)

    I've got 1 set of 16G natural color. $12 shipped who ever is interested email me : kglvltr (at) hotmail (dot) com
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    All of a sudden...

    maybe the ATP's doubles marketing strategy is working. Since they can use their singles ranking to play dubs, why not? ATP's intention was to get more top single player play doubles
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    Favorite stand-up comedians (post clips)

    KT Tatara
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    This is unacceptable

    ^^I meant if those players mentioned were to lose early then we'd get to watch other players more often. ESPN and tennis channel focuses too much on American players/Sharapova
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    Lame Quotes from Mary Carillo

    I recalled her during Fed's 1st rd match saying Lu looking like a ball boy. No respect for fellow players...pathetic
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    This is unacceptable

    ^^here in the US, we're hoping Roddick, Blake, Williams, Maria would lose early to get decent coverage
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    Will Federer ever win the French Open

    for christ sake, even GG won FO...what style is there needed to win?
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    Del Potro is Nadal's Biggest Threat at RG

    its all good, without your entertaining threads, this forum is pretty dull...