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    Argument at the Courts.

    Definitely a big NO to music on the court. Doesn't matter that they are public courts. It's still a game of peace, quiet and respect. Yes the guy should have been nicer about it. But the fact that you still plan to bring music on the courts despite all the feedback here makes clear that...
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    Bay Area Coach Recommendations for a 3.5

    I was going to recommend joining this, the old SFTC, so you kind of answered your own question. It's a fantastic facility. Yes, you can find 3.5 partners by hanging out at GGP, joining a community tennis association near your neighborhood, placing Craig's List ads, etc. But, at the end of...
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    Pros and sunglasses

    Agree that it is baffling. I once had the opportunity to ask Brad Gilbert about sunglasses specifically. He said that most don't bother because of the hassle involved in constant fogging and sweating on the glasses. Of course I thought that this should be a great reason for Rafa TO wear...
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    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    Enjoying No Words by Erik Hassle and thinking it's a good candidate for summer smash hit of 2015.
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    College VS club level player

    Good article but it gets more humbling - a D1 woman at a top school will also destroy most of the best club weekend warriors!
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    Best Tennis Ball for Durability/longest lasting

    This, this, this! :cool:
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    Does DEAD tennis balls hard to control ?

    The other problem I remembered last week is that even slightly used (not dead at all) balls don't have nearly as much bounce when they have been outside of the can for a week or two. I made the mistake of hitting some serves with some slightly used balls and felt it in my shoulder for the next...
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    Small Joys of New York City

    All the sights, from Liberty to Central Park, are rather interesting by themselves. But, alas, they are all ultimately fatally tainted by one tremendous problem - there are too many New Yorkers in the area.
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    Do Americans have a 'Sunday Roast'?

    Yes, we have Sunday roast. It typically occurs during football season, when whatever team has the privilege of playing the Oakland Raiders roasts those sorry losers and eats very well!
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    What you say is true, but your (apparent?) surprise with these conclusions suggests you may not quite understand the power of the Apple fanboy force. The Apple nuts do not care if the iwatch becomes antiquated in 3 months, let alone 3 years. If Apple farted in a pretty can and offered it...
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    Dudi Sela becomes the second player to win 17

    Says a lot about heart and technique when such a small guy can have such a long playing career. Congrats to him.
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    man set to be first to undergo the world's first full HEAD transplant

    Dummy should have just used lots of coconut oil and avoided vaccines!
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    No celebrities at Murray's wedding

    Perfectly understandable that he wouldn't want any big name players there to upstage him. So the only ones in attendance will be those against whom Murray has a winning record. In other words, top 100 not invited!
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    Schizophrenia And Spiritual Experiences: Is There a Link?

    You're giving him way too much credit. Just because someone is a chiropractor or the physical therapist doesn't make him a conspiracy freak. Gut is way off the deep end. It's beyond holistic treatments and to billion dollar coverups, the Jews bringing down Malaysian airliners and other...
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    The Obama frame!

    Not really - he basically defaced the historic White House tennis court, turning it in a basketball court. WPOTUSFTOAT: Worst President of the US for tennis of all time.