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    No money in tennis outside of top 200

    To the OP: There may not be much money in tournament winnings of an ATP player, but what about earnings potential of a top 300 tennis coach - or even top 3,000? I'd imagine most players who've earned some points on the tour could do quite well as coaching pros or maybe even a head coach of a...
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    Defense, Thy Name is De Minaur

    Racquet head speed, thy name is Nadal.
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    There's a thread about In/Out in the equipment forum. I have one myself, you can easily adjust so that lights are fully turned off, and sounds are only made when a ball lands out. You can also have only a red light and no beep when a ball is out. The bigger issue is accuracy of calls...
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    Maximagq on the East Coast

    That same guy, "Skeet0rz" has some highlights of indoor court play and you can see his groundstrokes and serves can patch some punch. However keep in mind in the video you put up, Skeet0rz's first opponent had a UTR rating of 12, and won 6-0, 6-2. So while Matt and Skeet0rz may be of the...
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    Hitting basic volleys into the net in doubles

    Are you dumping volleys into the bottom of the net or shanking them upon impact? Or are you just hitting the tape/few inches beneath the tape? It makes sense that for most people, volleys off approach shots or poaches are easier to handle than those made standing at net. 1. An approach shot...
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    Any tips on watching the ball?

    While I don't doubt age, older eyes, and glasses are shankshot multipliers, I think the biggest multiplier is ball speed before contact. Trying to hit big on the rise, when the ball hasn't slowed down at the peak of it's bounce yet, always brings out the shanks. Similarly when I'm off balance...
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    In/Out Device

    Honestly he probably should have just made the in/out default order cost $500 for two cameras and two tripods and not give the option of just one dangling on the net. I can’t speak for anyone else but I’ve had zero battery problems itself, just that the battery life display being inaccurate...
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    In/Out Device

    Looks like essential tennis did a whole video on the in/out. I think it says something that the inventor is still out there pushing his product. The video shows two in out devices being used for singles, and seems like he’s really pushing out the types of data the device can try to capture...
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    Is Roger Federer more better than a 5.0 woman...

    In terms of how it would look to a bystander, yeah probably. Federer facing 5.0 female = Looks like a professional beating up on another professional 4.0 male facing 3.0 female = Looks like an amateur beating up on another amateur 5.0 male facing 4.0 female = Professional beating up on amateur...
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    Anyone else hate playing doubles ?

    I said all else being equal, which implied same playing time on court. If a player is able to develop better groundstrokes, serves, and returns while hitting half as many shots (or in the case groundstrokes, less than half), than they are clearly doing something wrong when playing singles...
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    Anyone else hate playing doubles ?

    I don't hate playing doubles but it's certainly more enjoyable when there's consistency in your partner, and there is some minimum skill level (i.e. hitting a ground stroke to the net guy should not result in a free point for ground stroke team). Playing doubles as part of a clinic typically...
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    In/Out Device

    With the latest update, it seems like the detection is quite good. Court detection works on the first try almost every time and with serving practice, it detects 95% of my serves. Note that I did keep it on a tri-pod rather than above the net post when I recently tested it. The problem with...
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    The Ideal Career

    I’m curious to hear the thoughts of older coaches who lived through the GFC or dot com bubble. I imagine during recessions, extra-curricular like tennis lessons/clinics are the first thing to get slashed on a family budget. Teaching tennis as a financially independent person (retired...
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    How many of you split step?

    This video does a good job of explaining the different types of split steps and a correlation between split step height vs distance to net, which really may just be a barometer of distance to opponent’s contact point.
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    Can you call a let on an adjacent court?

    I personally don't like it when a point is interrupted, so I wouldn't call a let if someone's ball rolled on the court while in the middle of groundstrokes. Likewise, if my ball darts over to your court and it's within both players' field of vision, I won't give any audio cues and assume you...