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    FS: 2014 Wilson Pro Staff 95S unstrung

    Wilson Pro Staff 95S 2014 Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 95 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5 *Specific Time Used: 8 hours each *General Description: Excellent condition racquets with leather grips; very little court rash on both Price: $90 each or $160 for both OBO Shipping: Included...
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    New Nike courtballistic 3.3

    oh herro prease.
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    anyone been to the premium outlets in san marcos?

    i used to go to the premium outlets and round rock nike outlets pretty frequently, but towards the end of the summer, they didnt have much besides random sizes of CB 1.2's and 1.3's. not sure about this time of year, but you can call in and ask what tennis shoes they have specifically. i...
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    Why do people root for Federer?

    I've been cheering for Federer since about May 2004 because I thought he was the most complete player on tour and made everything look so easy. I appreciate how beautiful his game is and how consistent he has been over the past 6-7 years now. To me, he is a great ambassador of the sport and...
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    24 consecutive quarterfinals....

    perhaps consecutive butt picks or coaching per point?
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    24 consecutive quarterfinals....

    Go away troll. Grats to Fed. I see him extending this run for a while.
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    You quite literally don't need a drive BH to make top 50

    just won an important point using his backhand 'drive' in part of that rally...
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    ATP 5-set Records (five set)

    why make a thread about it when you can just google them or look them up on the atptennis website? fail to try and start flames.
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    ESPN cuts off end of Isner vs. Mahut?

    espn3 is not a pirate stream website. has a solid stream that is high quality.
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    Feather weight tennis shoes?

    I think basketball shoes' outsoles are not meant to be as durable as tennis shoes' outsoles since bball shoes will usually be played on hardwood, not grainy concrete that tears rubber up.
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    How many tennis shoes have you had?

    Since '04: Air Zoom Breathe Free Air Max Breathe Free II Adidas Barricade III Air Zoom Vapor Speed (THE BEST!) Air Zoom Vapor IV Air Max Breathe Cage I Air Zoom Vapor V Air Max Courtballistec 2.3 x2 Air Zoom Vapor VI x4 Air Max Breathe Cage II
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    Feather weight tennis shoes?

    Nike Lunarlite Vapor Tour weighs under 14 ounces for a size 10.5. I tried them on and they are incredibly light. That is as far as Nike offers, I am unfamiliar with the other brands.
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    A nice article about Roger by Neil Harman.

    desperate for attention much? good article. just makes me love the man that much more.
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    Huge advantage for being a lefty

    excluding his serve (the actual stroke, not the handedness) and how his movement has caused him 'injury' over the past few years, right? FAR from perfect. his uncle made him use his left hand because he knew it would pay dividends and give an advantage over the majority of players that are right...